Instances Where Ears Can Make (or Break) the Costume

Instances Where Ears Can Make (or Break) the Costume

There are certain costumes that are going to require a particular element or it is just not going to come across the right way. For example, what is a witch without the pointy hat or the army guy without a weapon? There are certain costumes that have to have that one particular element or it is going to feel incomplete and just not right. Regardless of your age, if you are dressing up as a particular character and you are missing the most important element, it is just going to feel like a failure. Adults and kids, alike, have a certain standard as to what they want their costume to look like. There are certain costumes that are going to need the right ears to make the costume complete.

  1. Some kids have a favorite animal and that is what they want to be for Halloween. They may want to be a panda, bunny, fox, or cat, but without the right ears for the costume, people may be confused as to what the child has dressed up as. This misidentification can cause some serious feeling from a child on, possible, one of their favorite holidays of the year. It is going to feel like an incomplete costume for the child and it could cause some serious emotional tantrums to happen on Halloween.

  2. Cartoon and movie characters have certain elements that identify them as that character. For characters like Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, and Stitch, without the right ears, they are just mice, an elephant, and an alien. It is a minute detail that can hold a lot of importance in portraying the character successfully. These characters are recognized by everyone, regardless of their age, and without the right ears, it is not the character who the child set out to be. One great example of this is 101 Dalmatians. If someone wants to be Purdy from the movie and they don’t have the right 101 Dalmatian ears, everything is going to be all wrong. 

There are going to be times when this type of situation is going to arise and the internet is a great resource to help you solve the problem. There are great do-it-yourself blogs that can help you in your time of need to make sure that you can create what it is you need when you don’t have time to buy it. Worst case scenario, you are going to have to get creative.

No one wants to have to spend an incredible amount of money on their costume but they do want to wear a costume that is exactly what they wanted to be. No one wants to be a mermaid without her fins or a clown without silly hair and painted face. It is one of those things where you are going to need to plan out all of the particular things that you are going to need in order for your child, or you, to pull off the costume that you had envisioned.

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