7 Costume Ideas That Can Utilize A Bathing Suit

7 Costume Ideas That Can Utilize A Bathing Suit

When you are doing the make your own costume thing, sometimes you need to get creative in the things that you use. You have to rack your brain and tap into the ingenuity that you have to create the perfect costume. There are a lot of things around your house and in the dresser drawers that can help you pull off a great idea. One of those things is a bathing suit. Most bathing suits are made with great materials, bright colors, or based on particular characters. Bathing suits can be a great centerpiece for these 7 costume ideas. 

  1. A bathing suit is, obviously made for the water, and many of them are made with pretty colors and sweet designs. Some bathing suits can be the perfect base for a great mermaid costume. They are already going to reflect the feeling of the ocean and when they are paired with the perfect mermaid fins and hair-do, this costume can be just what she wanted.

  2. Emojis are all around us and even our kids know them by sight. They like notebooks with them on there and they even use them, by name, in daily communications. An emoji bathing suit is going to be a great way to create a fun vibe for an emoji costume. It can also be a great base for a costume centered around The Emoji Movie. It is fun, modern, and up to date with the things that all young kids can identify with.

  3. A devil is a fun and traditional outfit that a lot of little girls love to wear every year. A pretty red bathing suit can be the perfect replacement for a red bodysuit that you will not have to go out and buy. It may be a fun color red or made of a material that is different than a regular devil costume or bodysuit. A red bathing suit can be a great base to create a fun devil costume off of.

  4. Hippies were known for wearing bright colors that we off the wall and out of the norm. A colorful tye dye or neon colored bathing suit can meet all those requirements without having to go shopping. When it is paired with great bell bottoms and fun sunglasses, they can become a hippie that is going to be different than the other hippies running around on Halloween.

  5. A black bathing suit or one with skulls on it is going to be the perfect starting point for your little pirate. Pirates are so much fun and can be a great idea for a family themes Halloween. You add a bedazzled eye-patch, sash, sword, and linen pants and have a pirate costume fit for a girl.

Bathing suits can be a great place to start when you are planning out a Halloween costume. From an emoji bathing suit to a colorful bathing suit on a shimmery material, there is so much that can be created form a great starting point. If nothing else, it is at least a great idea to spur other great ideas.

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