5 Ways To Use Her Favorite Lime Green Tutu for Halloween

5 Ways To Use Her Favorite Lime Green Tutu for Halloween

Halloween time is a fun time for families and kids. They spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to be and how they want to portray it. It is a time when they can use their imaginations to create this great idea for a wonderful Halloween experience. Some little girls want to be able to incorporate their favorite dress-up item into their magical Halloween costume. Here are some great ways to use her favorite lime green tutu in her Halloween costume this year.

  1. There are a lot of wonderful cartoon characters that are characterized by the clothes that they wear. Characters like Luigi, Robin, Peter Pan, and Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks are some characters that are associated with green. They can use their lime green tutu to accentuate their costumes and give it a flair that is all their own.

  2. Some little girls love sports and they have a favorite sports team whose jersey or T-shirt they wear all the time. They watch the games with mom and dad and they may even have the sheets on their bed. When the team has green in their colors like the Philadelphia Eagles, the Los Angeles Sparks, or the Boston Celtics, their lime green tutu can turn that costume into an interpretation that they are proud of and is a reflection of their personality. And it is a way for them to represent their team without having to be a cheerleader.

  3. A witch is a classic costume that a lot of little girls want to be for Halloween. It is a costume that is up for interpretation and can be represented however the little girl wants to. Many times, they want to be a witch but they don’t want to have to wear a bunch of black and drab clothes. Their lime green tutu can be a great accent to a fun witch costume for them to sport on Halloween.

  4. A lot of kids love to be superheroes, but there are the select few who love the villains. They want to pick that character because they like them or because they are associated with their favorite color. When a little girl loves green, her lime green tutu can be a perfect addition to a costume for villains such as Poison Ivy.

  5. There are so many little girls who love to be fairies and they are able to use their imagination to create a vision of the type of fairy they want to be. They are able to explore the colors that they love and the ones that make them happy. A lime green tutu can be a centerpiece for a fairy costume that a little girl may even end up wearing for dress up long after Halloween is over.

Halloween costumes are all about individuality and personal expression. Kids are able to explore their fun side and their imaginations to create a costume idea that allows them to live out a fantasy. It is a great night for them to let their imagination run and use the materials and colors that make them happy.

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