4 Costumes That Aren’t Just For Boys

4 Costumes That Aren’t Just For Boys

Our daughters are growing up in a time when the definition of women and what they are capable of is being redefined. The parameters of what it means to be a girl are changing in a way that they have never changed before. This is being reflected in everything that we do and it even applies to Halloween costumes. Little girls are taking things like their plus size red tutus and using them to make those “boy” costumes into the perfect costume for a little girl. These are some characters that are no longer limited to being made for little boys.

  1. Ironman is a great superhero who wears an awesome suit that gives him all these cool powers. He is super strong and can fight villains that are stronger than he could ever be without his suit. He has these fantastical movies that explore the greatness of what a superhero can do when the world needs his help. Little girls can take their plus size red tutus and add them to an Ironman costume to make them Ironwoman. They can express the desire to do big things with small touches and self-expression.

  2. Kids around the world have loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for years and Rafael is one of the most popular. He is the one with the attitude and the one who goes into everything full of heart and fire. When a little girl is able to put her own spin on the costume with her plus size red tutu, it takes on an individuality that is all her own.

  3. Everyone loves Spiderman. Peter Parker is a regular kid who has an experience with that mutant spider that turns him into this amazing crime fighter. Little girls want to be able to express their love of Spiderman too and a tutu is a perfect way to do that. They are able to take this male figure and make a whole new superhero out of it with the addition of her favorite red tutu, Spidergirl.

  4. Captain America is a representation of the power that we all have as Americans. It is a representation of the power that we have been given as people with the ability to change the trajectory of the world with our actions. A little girl can add her plus size red tutu to a Captain America costume and change the trajectory of what people see as an American hero.

Superheroes like Wonderwoman and Supergirl have done a lot for the empowerment of young girls. It has shown them that they can be super too and that they don’t have to rely on anyone to save them when they are in trouble. It may seem like a stretch and you may be saying “It’s just a Halloween costume.” That costume is all about the impression that it leaves on a kid and what they feel that their costume represents. They chose to dress as that character because of that impression and when a little girl feels empowered to represent a female superhero, we all need to respect that.

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