5 Ways To Feel Cozy This Fall

October 20, 2021 3 min read

5 Ways To Feel Cozy This Fall

It's Fall Y'all - Let's Get Cozy

Fall is finally here and there is never anything I want more in the fall than to be cozy. As the weather starts to cool down, wrapping myself up in a blanket and drinking some apple cider sounds like the perfect fall night. If you are looking for some inspiration to feel cozy this fall, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out more about my 5 favorite ways to feel cozy in the fall & how to get in the festive spirit while doing so!

Candles, Wallflowers, & more Candles

I don't know about you but the second a leaf falls, I am ready for fall. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't quite start to cool down as early as I would like. One way that I get into the fall spirit is with fall scented candles. I like to be able to walk into my house and be hit in the face with pumpkin pecan waffles. You don't understand the joy of opening your door and instantly, the scent of fall fills your nostrils. My favorite scents are apple pie or butterscotch. I never used to be a fan of "food scented" candles but now, I can't get enough! 

Blankets, Baby!

Blankets are something that I use all year round. Not because I am cold but because I want to be cozy. A fabulous way to feel cozy in the fall is to get a decorative blanket that becomes your best friend. My blanket purchases consisted of one with pumpkins all over it and another with leaves all over it. There is just something about cozying up in a new festive blanket that gets me in the best mood and festive spirit! Take a look at our festive baby blanketsthat are also the perfect throw blankets!


The BEST way to get cozy and festive this fall is with decorations! However, spending $20 on one decorative pumpkin is not the move. Try visiting your local thrift stores! Every year, I end up finding some great fall items that I continue to use each season. Two words: Throw. Pillows. There are SO many different throw pillows that you can use to spice up your couch! Buy a staple fall color pillow or a cute one with pumpkins! Trust me, your options are endless. So, rack up those pumpkins, grab your new blankets, light some pumpkin candles: You are GOLDEN! 

Sweat(y)er Weather 

One thing that I can never get right during the fall is what to wear. In the beginning months of fall, it truly is wear a sweater in the the morning, regret it in the evening weather. However, I have found a couple great pieces that are perfect for layering! Our collection of shacketsare the perfect fall items because they can be a simple add on but make the entire outfit. Try one of our neutral sweaters! They are so cozy and lightweight, you could wear it all year round if you wanted to!


There is just something about a pumpkin that instantly gets me in the fall spirit. Literally just looking at one. One thing that I love to do during the fall is get a really cute, great quality decorative pumpkin. That way that I know it will last me longer than one season. I put pumpkins in my hallway, my bathroom, by my bed... They are everywhere! Go buy your pumpkins and join me in living the best fall life!

I hope that you got some inspiration as we head further into fall. May you, too, be hit in the face with your favorite fall scent as you walk in the door. Happy fall! 

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