We ship daily from Ohio!


We ship daily from Ohio!

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By the Seashore Hi Lo Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Wrap Style Ruffle Pastel Unicorn Dress
Regular price $19.97 $12.97
Pastel Unicorn Hi Lo Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $12.97
White Baseball Stitch Dress
Regular price $19.97 $15.97
Mermaid Wish Starfish Tank Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Tropical Flamingo Denim Skirt Set
Regular price $24.97 $17.97
Ruffle Neck Crab Blue Stripe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Summer Fun Hi Lo Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $14.97
Llama Pink Flare Sleeve Dress
Regular price $21.97 $16.97
Hot Air Balloon Tank Dress
Regular price $19.97 $14.97
Watermelon Picnic Hi Lo Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $14.97
Flamingo Stripe Flare Sleeve Dress
Regular price $21.97 $14.97
Vintage Floral Halter Dress - Pink
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Mermaid Lavender - Tank Stripe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Apple Houndstooth Suspender Set
Regular price $19.97 $17.97
Vintage Floral Gray Fringe Accent Dress
Regular price $19.97 $7.99
Chambray Denim & Gray Tutu Chiffon Dress
Regular price $19.97 $16.97
Rainbow Chevron Stripe One Shoulder Dress
Regular price $24.97 $10.97
Hot Pink Polka Dot Zebra Stripe Tank Dress
Regular price $24.97 $10.97
USA Tie Star Tank Skirt Set
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
USA Y'all Tank Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $11.97
Asymmetric Flag Dress
Regular price $19.97 $7.99
Arrow Flag Tank Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $12.97
Fireworks - Tank Tutu Chiffon Princess Dress
Regular price $19.97 $6.99
Anchor Flag White Tank Fringe Dress
Regular price $19.97 $12.97
American Sweetheart Fringe Accent Dress
Regular price $19.97 $12.97


We’re proud to present our collection of baby girl and toddler dresses. With pieces in all the colors of the rainbow and dreamy prints too, we hope to put a smile on your face as well as your little one’s. Kiddos have a natural love for self-expression, so why not encourage it with fun dresses that stand out?

Fun Everyday Dresses

Casual and fun go hand in hand in our individualistic and expressive garments. Your baby girl can always wear dresses that match her mood and needs when her closet is stocked with our play dresses, fancy dresses and dresses that match with mommy’s. Our prints, ranging from cute and girly to tomboyish and cool, help her show off her multifaceted personality. Did we mention we have a serious soft spot for unicorns?

Meet The Perfect Party Dress

Every season, we prepare a large selection of cute themed and holiday baby dresses for your little one to wear when celebrating. Children get very excited about their earliest holidays, and for good reason! Look for heart dresses for Valentine’s Day, birthday girl dresses for birthdays, pumpkin smocks for Halloween, and everything else she could possibly need.

Size & Fit

Most of our baby girl dresses run true to size, but you should still check product details to make sure. To find out what the right size for your little one is, use our sizing chart.

Explore The Collection

Make the most of your child’s first years with dresses that reflect her ever-developing tastes. We also carry lots of tutus in baby and adult sizes, so make sure to check those out, too! Find the perfect new dress today and get free shipping on all orders.

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