Cute Baby Headbands and Hair Bows for Girls by Sydney So Sweet

November 23, 2018 2 min read

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Did You Know Sydney So Sweet Started As A Hair Bow Business?

Hair bows have been around since the 18th century. They were worn by both men and women with a high status in society. The founding fathers even worse hair bows to tie their hair back. 

Nowadays, hair bows are most commonly seen on adorable little girls to add some cuteness to braids, pony tails, etc. A hair bow will complete any little girl boutique outfit!   

Hair Bows At Sydney So Sweet 

An alligator clip is a clip which you pinch open with your thumb and forefinger to slide directly into your hair or onto a headband. These work great with all ages, although those with finer hair may still need a headband to keep the bow in place. Because of their versatility, alligator clips are popular for kids of most ages and that is why our bows have an alligator clip. 

Sydney So Sweet offers many different size hair bows ranging from 3" to 8". The 3" bows are perfect for toddlers. The 4-5" bows are great for every day wear. If your little girl is feelin' sassy, the 8" bows (Texas size bow) is perfect for her! They can even be worn to cheer-leading competitions! 

If the classic hair bow isn't your little girls favorite, she can try a specialty hair bow or headband. Sydney So Sweet has a wide variety of classic hair bows and specialty hair bows. Our specialty hair bows include ostrich clips and marabou clips. We also have a wide variety of hair clips. Including a Unicorn Ribbon Clippie, Butterfly Ribbon Clippie, and so much more! 

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