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Top 10 Tips for Football Family Fun with Sydney So Sweet

November 21, 2018 5 min read

Top 10 Tips for Football Family Fun with Sydney So Sweet

Top 10 Tips For Football Family Fun

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Jen Greenlees 

Owner, Sydney So Sweet Band/Soccer Mom of 5.

Football season is finally back! I am looking forward to a weekend full of football with my entire family starting this Friday. I'm a proud marching band mom, and this Friday I will finally get to see ALL 3 of my boys march the halftime show at the high school football game. Can't wait! Football is big in our hometown, and a Friday night high school game is a great kick off a whole weekend of football fun. 

Also, this weekend I get to watch 2 "real" football games (aka soccer) as my youngest son and oldest daughter take to the pitch for some season openers. And my oldest runs his season opening 5K for the high school cross country team. Wow! I'm going to need a weekend to recover after this weekend full of sporting events!

Our high school football, soccer, and cross country teams are great, our marching band is even better, and I plan to enjoy it all this weekend in super band/soccer/cross country/football mom style. I've been doing this for quite a few years now, and I wanted to put together a few helpful mom tips that will make this weekend even better. So read on to see how we do football (and a few other sports) in our family.

Tip #1: Snacks for toddlers

Save yourself from the stress of waiting in the concession stand line for over priced  food by packing easy and healthy snacks for our kids! I'm not a big fan of lines (is anyone?), and the concession stand line always seems a mile long as soon as my little ones declare their hunger. The plan... pack non-messy snacks and drinks like trail mix, apple slices, and bottled water. Make sure to check the stadium policies before you go as some items may be prohibited. 

Tip #2: Spirit Gear

Personally, my favorite part of the weekend is getting the kids dressed up in fan gear. The kids love it too! And they look so dang cute. It is so important to show your support for your team by dressing in the right spirit attire. It helps your little ones feel like they are part of the team! And what little girl wouldn't want to dress up in a cheerleader costume? Wearing your teams colors makes it more fun to be at the games. Let's face it. She may not be too into the game yet, but oh yeah she sure looks cute in her spirit wear! 

school spirit leg warmers and arm warmers

Tip #3: Kid-friendly tailgate food

If you are planning on having a tailgate party at home, make sure you have fun but easy football themed food! My favorite is football rice crispy treats. These travel well too, so take your tail gate party on the road and pack these snacks to go (see tip#1)!

Tip #4: Extra Clothes 

Always be prepared for the worst. You never know what can happen and no one likes to sit in dirty clothes. For little ones, bring an extra outfit, diapering necessities, and a jacket. This brings me to my next tip... Be prepared for any weather conditions. 

Extra Clothes

Tip #5: Be prepared for weather

The downside of the fall football season is the unexpected weather changes. When it comes to my stadium blanket, I like to share. But don't ask me to give up my jacket or umbrella! Be prepared for rain and freezing temps. I love the weather bug app. I just check my phone before I go, and pack supplies for the worst. For under $2 at Walmart you can get rain ponchos that fit in your purse!  And dressing for the weather can be cute! It is also important to make sure your kids are dressed in comfortable clothes. Shop my favorite comfy football looks here. 

Tip #6: Be prepared for the noise

Whether you are going to a high school, college, or NFL game; it is important to prepare your little ones for the loud noises. I make sure to bring a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Not only do they block out the loud buzzers and whistles, they also block out the intense fan sitting behind you that keeps cursing at the ref. :( Shop my favorite headphones here.

Tip #7: Let the kids have some fun

During my town's Friday night football games, the big kids would rather run around with all their friends than sit in the stands and watch the game. I make it a rule that my kids are not allowed to go over to the opposing team's side of the field and in exchange, they are allowed to participate in the legendary football game under the bleachers.

Tip #9: BYOC

Not all soccer field are created equal! A very important tip for soccer moms is to pack your own bag chair - BYOC = bring your own chair. (And don't forget a blanket for the little ones to sit on.) Sometimes we get lucky and the game is in a stadium on a beautiful turf field. I lounge like a soccer mom queen in my bleacher seat with arm rests, a seat back, and a drink holder. But more often than not, the venue is just a mowed rectangle of grass with some nets and some lines - seats not included. That is why from August through October I never head to a game without packing my handy bag chair. In fact, my cars is always fully stocked with bag chairs, blankets, seat cushions, umbrellas, and more. I have learned a lot in my decade of being a soccer mom. 

Tip #9: Packing for the unexpected

Have you ever arrived at the game just to realize that her shin guards are still sitting on the kitchen counter? Yep, we've done that. Thankfully a well-prepared soccer mom leaped to her feet, dug through her "ready bag," and proudly presented my tearful daughter with 2 shin guards just before the tears became a flood. Since that day I have vowed to be the "ready mom." And on more than one occasion I have been super mom coming to the rescue. Okay... so it's usually my kid who forgets his water bottle, but that's not my point. My car actually has a little compartment in the back which I use to stock extra water, shin guards, extra jerseys (we seem to have a stockpile of jerseys), snacks, band-aids, and more. 

Tip #10: Be prepared for parking

Arrive early for good and reliable parking. This is a big one for me. Until the GPS was invented, I was a lost soul. I was born with zero internal mapping system and absolutely no ability to find my way around, even in places I have been to before. Finding my car in the dark when the crowd leaves the stadium all at once can be a challenge for me. Our whole town goes to the Friday night games and our stadium has very limited parking. So I make sure to get there early enough for a close parking spot. This will help with getting out before the traffic gets backed up, too. If you are going to a college level or NFL game, pay the extra money for close parking. The money spent on parking saves on hearing your kids complain about the long walk back to the car after the game. And it's easier to find your car!

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