Fun and Useful Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

February 08, 2021 2 min read

Fun and Useful Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Easter Basket Ideas

Happy Spring! Can you believe it is almost April?! Easter is right around the corner so it is time to start shopping for your kids Easter baskets! I love the challenge of creating a thoughtful Easter basket for my kids. I try to incorporate items they will be able to use more than once and not just cheap knickknacks and candy. Since Easter means warmer weather will be here soon (hopefully), I included spring/summer essentials. And of course it's time for some new Easter clothes. Shop our entire Easter and Spring Collection before your favorite styles sell out.

What to include in your child's Easter basket this year:

1. Use something reusable for the basket.

Instead of using the traditional plastic pastel basket, use a cute wired basket. You can reuse it and store your child's favorite stuffed animals or throw blankets. 

Another great idea is to use a cute tote bag. Your daughter can take it on the next family vacation or use it when she goes to her next sleepover.

2. Swimsuits

Get excited for summer by getting your daughter a new swimsuit! This is great idea if you're going on a family spring break trip that falls after Easter! Shop our adorable swim collection here

3. Stuffed Animals

This might be a given... but I know my daughter loves to receive new stuffed animals for any occasion.

4. Hair bows and Other Accessories

Easter is the perfect time to stock up on new spring accessories for your little girl! 

5. Rain Gear

The downside of spring is the rain that comes with it. Get her a cute umbrella and a matching rain jacket and rain boots. 

6. New School Supplies

My daughter is basically down to her last pencil at this point of the school year. I love to get her stocked up on new school supplies for Easter. It gets her excited to finish the school year!

7. DVDs

We love family movie night at my house so I always try to put one of my child's favorite movies in their Easter basket. 

8. New Spring Apparel

Refresh her wardrobe with some adorable boutique clothes. Shop our adorable capri's, shorts, and romper collections to get ready for the warmer days ahead!  


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