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Wet & Wild: Planning Splash-Worthy Summer Play Date Wardrobes

February 04, 2020 4 min read

Wet & Wild: Planning Splash-Worthy Summer Play Date Wardrobes graphic

Wet & Wild: Planning Splash-Worthy Summer Play Date Wardrobes

A girls' one-piece bathing suit is a must-have for summer, but you have to consider the rest of your little girl's clothing, too. Take a look at the bevy of cute baby girl swimsuits available at Sydney So Sweet, along with an impressive selection of shorts, dresses, rompers, and capris that she can wear over her suit.

Denim Saves the Day

Along with a girls' one-piece bathing suit that's just right for summer, your little girl needs comfy clothing that she can wear over her swimsuit or change into after swimming. Before you send her over to her BFF's house for a pool party, make sure that she has a top-notch outfit to go with her summer-ready accessories.

Denim is perfect for play dates. It's comfy but cute and, most importantly, it's durable, which means that your angel can play, romp, and run around as much as she wants. Not even grass stains can get her down!

A pair of jean shorts is ideal. Jean shorts can keep her cool and on-point for the season. You can't go wrong with a denim skirt, either. Give your sassy child the opportunity to spin, twirl, and strut her stuff as she plays with her friends on the beach or at the backyard pool party.

Ruffles Always Work

a pink and white sleeveless summer top

You know those impromptu swim parties that no one ever expects? Everyone's hanging out by the lake or the pool, and suddenly, someone thinks it's a great idea to go swimming. Hopefully, you have a cute baby girl swimsuit packed—just in case—but, if not, then she can go swimming in her clothes. We've all done it!

When you know that your little girl is going to be around water or that there's a chance she'll go running through the sprinklers, dress her for the occasion. She needs a proper swimsuit for learning how to doggy paddle in the pool, but if she's running down the shore or dipping her toes, then a cute, summery outfit will do the trick.

Fun tops with ruffled cap sleeves are practically a must for the warm weather. Pick out her favorite color or design so that she can show off when she wears it. All she needs to go with it are a few pairs of shorts, a casual skirt or two, and some capri pants.

A Summery Set

two girls wearing a matching shorts outfit

Who doesn't love a shirt-and-shorts set? Ready-made outfits are definite time-savers for mom, and fashionable little girls love them, too. Pick out a set for the occasion, whatever it may be. Our collection includes festive outfits for all the summer holidays. In fact, many of our top-and-bottom sets celebrate the summer itself.

Why not go for a cohesive look? You can shop for girls' one-piece bathing suits that go with her outfits. As you get her ready for a play date, simply put on her suit beneath her clothes. She'll be ready for the water no matter what, and she'll look cute to boot.

Wild about Skorts

a watermelon-themed skort outfit

Who doesn't love a skort? Part shorts, part skirts, and all stylish, they're an undeniably stylish pick for your little summer pixie. Skorts are ideal to wear with cute baby girl swimsuits, as well, because they're so easy to slip on and off. She can be ready to hit the water in the blink of an eye.

Since skorts are sensational for summer, you have the chance to stock up on one-and-done outfits that are perfect for play dates. Make sure you look for summery patterns and colors. Dress her in a flamingo motif, or stick to the theme and let her wear a watermelon-inspired outfit.

A Dress for a Cover-Up

a bright dress with a lemon motif

Dresses are wonderful for summer play dates, especially near the water. A dress can easily double as a coverup while making a splash all its own. If you're not sure what your princess will be doing while she's off playing with her friends, then you can prepare for anything. When she wears a girls' one-piece bathing suit beneath an equally eye-popping dress, she can run and play as normal, but she's still ready to dive into the water at a moment's notice. You're a mom; you know how essential it is to plan for every possible contingency, particularly where the kids are concerned.

Capris, Please

a capri set in navy and yellow

An adorable capri outfit is an ideal complement to a cute baby girl swimsuit. Take her to the beach or let her head to the local lake with her pals. She's dressed for success, so she'll have fun no matter what. Her capris and matching top can double as a swimsuit coverup. The key is to make sure you choose clothing that will keep her cool. Opt for capris that fall to the knee, matched with a lightweight top that won't weigh her down as she plays.

Romper Madness

a one-piece rainbow romper outfit

Is there anything cuter than a romper? One-and-done outfits are convenient for kids and, once again, a romper effortlessly fits over most swimsuits. In fact, in a pinch, a romper can be a stand-in for a bathing suit. After all, it's a one-piece outfit, too!

Find the perfect girls' one-piece bathing suit at Sydney So Sweet, along with summery ensembles that your little girl can wear with her swimwear. Send us a text to get 15% off your order!

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