January 22, 2019 2 min read

Snow Day Stock Photo

20 Things To Do With Kids On A Snow Day

Whenever the weathermen predicts a big snow storm, you can almost hear the cries of joy from all the children anticipating a snow day. With happy kids, come parents that do not know how they are going to keep stir crazy kids occupied at home for 7 extra hours. Here are some ideas for your kids to do on the next snow day. 

1. Fashion Show

Little kids LOVE to play dress up. Make it more entertaining by having them put together crazy outfits and have them walk down a "runway" and model it. 

2. Tea Party

Invite her favorite friends, real or imaginary. Her friends can bring their favorite stuffed friends to join them. Serve finger sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, and tea. 

Tea Party

3. Build A Snowman

The snow day classic. Get bundled up and go outside and build a snowman!

4. Hot Chocolate Bar

Warm up on your snow day with a hot coco. Make it more fun by setting up a hot chocolate bar. Set out all the ingredients to make your favorite hot chocolate. 

Hot Coco Bar

5. At Home Spa Day

Every little girl loves a spa day. Treat her to a mini pedicure and facials! Invite her friends over to join in on the fun. 

Home Spa Day

6. Make Glitter Slime

Slime is all the rage right now with kids. It is easy to make and will keep them busy for a few hours! Follow The Best Idea's for Kids step's on how to make the perfect glitter slime!

Glitter Slime

7. Build A Town For LOL! Dolls

Plastic LOL toys at play McDonald's drive through.

8. At Home Yoga Class

Your little's will love to practice yoga! This can be the perfect way for you to distress too. 

Home Yoga Class

9. Organize Hair Bows

Organize your little girl's hair bows with our brand new Hair Bow Organizer collection! Shop here.

Ava And Sydney with Hairbows

Sort by size, color,and style.

Hair Bow Holders


10. Chores

Your kids have an extra 7 hours today, why not have them help you wash the dishes?!

11. Shop Online

Browse your favorite online shops on your day off! Cough, cough.. Sydney So Sweet.

12. Binge Netflix

13. Board Games

Kids Boardgames

14. Take Kids To Work Day

I remember when I was little I would love to go to work with my mom or dad. I always thought it was so cool to see where they work. Just pack a bag of toys to keep them occupied. 

15. Sled Riding

16. Shovel The Neighbors Driveway

Have your kids do something nice and shovel the neighbors driveway.

17. Bake

Mom and Daughter baking

18. Indoor Picnic

Spread out a blanket in the living room and prepare their favorite foods. 

Indoor Picnic

19. Indoor Obstacle Course

Set up a fun (and safe) obstacle course inside your living room.

Indoor Obstacle Course

20. Make Play-Doh



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