Fairy Costume Tutus & Pixie Tutu Skirts For Kids, Adult, Plus Sizes

Pixie Fairy Costume Tutus - Kid or Adult Fairy Costume, Fairy Tutu Skirts, & More

Pixie style tutus are unique because of the way their edges are cut at angles rather than smooth and straight across. They also tend to have lots of volume, combining multiple tulle layers to create a weight-defying look. Next time your child needs a Tinkerbell costume, or you are looking for an adult fairy costume for yourself for a party or fun run, begin your search here – we have fairy tutus in all the colors of the rainbow!

Cute Costume tutus for Toddler, Girls, Adult, & Plus Size

Tutus are one of our favorite types of clothing to provide here at Sydney So Sweet! We offer all the fancy, playful tutus you could ever need, at prices that keep the fun going rather than interrupt it. Because we don’t want to leave parents out on the fun, we offer our tutus in adult sizes as well including plus sizes. Next time you and your child have an event planned together (such as when you’re going trick-or-treating) you can wear positively adorable matching outfits!

Buy Cute, High Quality Pixie Fairy Tutus Online with Free Shipping Today

Shipping is always free at our boutique, and we always ship your order within 1-2 business days. Shop our fairy tutus, or pixie style tutus and complete the look with help from some cute accessories to engage your child’s imagination!