4 Perfect Bonnet Substitutes for Easter this Year

April 12, 2019 3 min read

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4 Perfect Bonnet Substitutes for Easter this Year

Fancy Easter bonnets are a traditional headpiece that both adults and children love to wear to Easter parties, church services and parades. Some celebrants will wear a simple straw hat with a ribbon, while others will DIY a towering headdress complete with Easter eggs and felt bunnies.

However, while the Easter bonnet tradition has its charms, not every family celebrates a traditional Easter or wants to splurge on a fancy hat for this purpose. If you don’t want to make a big deal out of an Easter bonnet but still want to dress your little girl’s head up with something fancy this spring, we’ve got a solution for you: Easter headbands and lively spring hair ties and clips!

We recently brought in a new batch of exciting spring hair accessories for this season, and it’s full of great bonnet alternatives for you to choose from. Find all the bunny and flower-themed hair ornaments you need for your newborn or toddler’s school parties, parades, Easter egg hunts, and more. You can also slip them into your little girl’s Easter basket for a cute fashion surprise!

1. Bunny Headband

The Easter bunny is a great non-religious motif that has strong connections to the holiday. What’s more, most kids are naturally drawn to the cuddly, friendly image of the bunny rabbit. For these reasons, a bunny headband is an ideal Easter head accessory for your child to wear to all her celebrations. For newborns we recommend a safe and comfy elastic bunny headband to wear around the head. Toddlers and youth, on the other hand, may prefer a more traditional bunny ear headband to participate in Easter egg hunts in style.

2. Flower Headband

baby with flower headband

You can never surround yourself with enough flowers, especially in the spring season! Wearing a flower headband is a great way for your baby girl to look and feel at one with all blooming things this Easter. In our collection we offer elegant lace flower headbands for your little girl to wear with a tulle outfit, as well as bold and gorgeous crochet Easter headbands to match with a more casual or colorful outfit. The best thing about our infant headbands is that they look great on babies, whether they have hair or not!

3. Big Hair Bow

yellow chick suspender skirt on model for Easter

Your little girl’s toddler years are a great time to dress her in bold hair ties and big hair bows in spring colors. Girly and filled with attitude, giant bows go well with most fancy little girl outfits, including dance outfits and festive tutu outfits. There are lots to choose from here at Sydney So Sweet - we carry bows with ribbon, sequin and satin finishes in all the colors of spring. Choose them when you want something a little fancier and showier than an Easter headband, and make sure to match them with the color of her outfit for a well-coordinated look! Pick one out for your little girl, then snag one for yourself to wear as part of a mommy and me outfit.

4. Spring-Themed Clippies

little girl with a barrette in her hair

Sometimes, the smallest accessories have the biggest charm. We offer a super classy and cute collection of ribbon and felt clippies in a plethora of designs including Easter eggs, roses, daisies, ladybugs, butterflies, lollipops, and many more! These whimsical and imaginative clippies are the perfect hair accessory to wear to low-key and fancy settings alike. Clip them directly onto her hair, mix-and-match a few, or clip them onto her Easter headband or hat for more traditional Easter bonnet vibes. With our very reasonable prices, you can pick up several delightful clippies for your little girl to share with her friends.

Make Us Your One-Stop Easter Shop

little girl under cherry blossom tree

Dressing you and your child for celebrations such as Easter is one of our passions here at Sydney So Sweet. By offering plenty of Easter headbands, clips and hats, we hope to help every young Easter celebrator - whether religious or non-religious, casual or above-and-beyond – get the holiday look of her dreams. Your little girl is only little for so long, after all, and there’s no better way to harness the special power of those years than by going all out and making some seriously fun memories!

Our boutique is a great place for completing your Easter outfit shopping. We offer plenty of Easter clothing, outfits and accessories for you and your child to wear. Shop the Easter collection now and enjoy free shipping and 1-2 business day dispatch when you place your order!

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