5 Reasons She Should Still Dress Up For Easter

January 01, 2020 4 min read

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5 Reasons She Should Still Dress Up For Easter

Kids' Easter outfits are not falling out of favor, so don't believe the hype. There are plenty of reasons that she should still dress up in a gorgeous ensemble for the holiday. You want her to stand out in family pictures, plus there are dozens of Easter time activities to attend. Sydney So Sweet is here to convince you to treat your little girl to a stunning Easter dress up outfit.

Spring Is a Time of New Beginnings

As soon as you spot kids' Easter outfits on the racks, you know that spring has sprung in earnest. It's a sign that winter is finally on its way out and the springtime sunshine will arrive soon. Everyone throws off their winter coats. The snow melts, the animals come out of hibernation, and the air is full of love and rebirth.

Doesn't that call for a new outfit? Just as you're eager to store your winter woolens and hang up your coat for another year, your little girl is excited at the prospect of short sleeves, skirts, and short pants. She wants to wear pretty dresses with vivid colors instead of the more subdued hues of winter fashion.

Let her blossom in floral prints, eye-popping patterns, and flouncy silhouettes. Snag an outfit for every Easter event. Don't forget that she can wear them the entire season!

She Has to Match the Easter Bunny

easter capri outfit with ears

Is your little girl going to meet the Easter Bunny? Half of the fun of playing Easter dress up is impressing that big, benevolent bunny. Maybe he's coming to visit her school for the day. Then again, the whole family could go to the local mall to meet Mr. Cottontail himself. Whatever the case, you can't deny that she needs an attention-grabbing ensemble for the occasion.

Naturally, bunny-themed clothing is an unbeatable idea. Find your girl a gorgeous set of top and bottoms adorned with bunnies and flowers. For the more whimsical girls out there, you can even snag outfits that combine bunnies with unicorns. Talk about magical!

In addition to dresses decorated with bunny ears and tops with rabbit silhouettes, she can wear a few well-chosen accessories that are sure to please the Easter Bunny. Affix a cottontail to the back of her dress, or surprise her with a fluffy pair of bunny ears! Bunny ear headbands are a must-have for the holiday. She won't want to take off her floppy ears!

All the Photo Ops

baby romper outfit with bunnies for easter in hot pink

Holidays are the best time for photo opportunities, and goodness knows you want to capture all of those memories while you can. Professional photoshoots are commonplace during the springtime holiday, but you'll also be snapping pictures at the church play and the annual egg hunt. All of those activities require a succession of kids' Easter outfits.

To ensure that your little girl is picture-perfect and ready for her close-up, you need to dress her to the nines. A vibrant springtime romper is just the ticket for an Easter garden party. To attend services or the yearly family dinner, look for a pretty pastel frock with frills, lace, and ruffles.

When she's out on the lawn playing with her friends, a more casual outfit is needed, but that doesn't mean she won't be picture ready. Usher in those springtime vibes by dressing her in eye-catching colors, such as soft pink, dazzling turquoise, and sunshine yellow. Consider a matching shirt and skirt, a laid-back dress, or adorable bell-bottoms.

Easter Egg Hunts Require the Perfect Ensemble

The egg hunt is one of the most exciting aspects of the holiday, especially for the little ones. There are probably more than a few adults who'd love to go searching for candy-filled eggs, too. Because your little bunny will be running around like a tiny wild thing in search of treats, she unquestionably needs an outfit that celebrates the day, makes her look as sweet as she is, and gives her the freedom of movement to run around with her friends.

She needs an ensemble that's both beautiful and casual. Pick out a hoodie for the holiday, something with bright springtime shades. Dressy jeans aren't a bad idea, either, but a top and bottom set is perfect, too. Finish off the outfit with cute shoes that make it easy for her to run and search for those precious eggs.

To Embrace the Spirit of the Holiday

lavender floral easter dress on little girl

Does she need an Easter dress up outfit to attend holiday services? A sweet but sophisticated dress guarantees that the entire congregation will ooh and ahh over her. Look for lace details, fancy frills, and ruffles galore to see her through the day. Pastel colors are on-point for spring, but vivid hues will make her blossom like a little flower.

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