Back to School Prep: What You Need to Know

Back to School Prep: What You Need to Know

July 08, 2021 3 min read

back to school prep

Back to School Prep: What You Need to Know

With the back to school season rapidly approaching, we have all the tips and tricks you need to get your little one back looking and feeling the best. We are so excited to see all your cuties heading back in the fall and we are more than ready to ease your stress with our back to school checklist! 

Must Have Back To School Clothing 

To start your back to school preparation, an end of summer clean out is more than necessary to know just how much you need for the upcoming season! Kids are always outgrowing their clothing and you want to be prepared for the August-October weather. We are obsessing over our Smart Girls Rule Flutter Pom Girls Shorts Outfit and our The Big Apple Green Polka Dot Cold Shoulder Girls Dress! They are a must need for your closet after the cleanout. 

Of course, another super important step on the checklist is wrapping up your summer homework. This is another way to ensure you are prepared for the end of summer. We are absolutely in love with the Carpe Diem Feather Watercolor Cold Shoulder Girls Dress and the Under The Sea Letter People Pink Corduroy Girls Shorts Outfit for those lazy days at the library! 

Moving on, checking out the school and classroom your little chica is going to be in is a great way to get comfortable for the upcoming school year! You absolutely need our School Supplies Yellow Lace Flutter Girls Capri Outfit   or Rainbow Number Practice Back To School Girls Skater Dress for this fun activity! 

Along with checking out the school, meeting the teacher is another way to get comfortable for the fall. Meeting the teacher is an amazing opportunity to familiarize herself with the set up with the classroom. Of course we know the stereotype of teachers loving apples and we have just the right outfits for that! We are loving the Pink & Blue Watercolor Apple Smocked Girls Dress and the A Is For Apple Rainbow Flutter Denim Patch Girls Shorts Outfit. Make sure your little cutie knows were her cubby and desk are located so she is all ready for the first day!

After meeting the teacher, school supplies shopping is the best way to get excited for back to school! When I was a kid I was always so ready to get a new bookbag and bright colored notebooks, but my favorite part of back to school shopping is getting perfectly sharpened pencils! Fortunately for you, we have the cutest pencil themed outfits for this occasion. You need the Ready For School Yellow Pencil Short Sleeve Girls Dress and our Pencil Perfect Pink & Blue Ruffle Flare Girls Dress. Along with those super cute dresses we are also in love with our Wild Cheetah Pencil Blush Tie Top Pom Girls Shorts Outfit!

One of the final steps of going back to school is getting ready to ride the bus! Get your girl ready by making a little note card necklace with her bus number, the schedule, and the bus drivers name to ensure she is all ready to go. Along with being prepared for this little step of independence, make sure she is confident and comfortable in our School Bus Blue Stripe Girls Dress Set or First Day Of School Apple Pencil Red Pom Girls Shorts Outfit!

Lastly on our back to school checklist is the first day of school. Get your little diva ready for the first day by starting the morning routine the week prior! Make sure she has had a filling breakfast and her lunch is packed. Snap a picture of your girl in any of our back to school outfits and post them in our Facebook VIP so we can see how adorable she is! 

We hope you enjoyed our back to school checklist and found something you love for this upcoming season! We are so ready to see your cuties in our amazing outfits! Get excited and add to your cart now. 

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