Mother's Day Traditions - Making New Memories with Mom

Mother's Day Traditions

May 05, 2021 1 min read

Mother's Day Traditions

Making Mother's Day Memories with New Traditions

With Mother's day coming up, we came up with our favorite traditions for our sweet Mothers! We wanted to share them with you. 

1. Breakfast in bed

I used to love making my mom breakfast in bed as a kid. I think the only thing that would have made the moment better would have been if we were in the Mom and Me Lounge Sets. It is the perfect way to spend the morning of Mother's day. 

mom and me cheetah outfit

2. Flower shop

What is better than flowers on Mother's day? Now that I am older I always get my mom flowers on Mother's day. The perfect way to celebrate being a mother is by going to a flower shop. Your daughter would look great in our an of our rompers or jumpsuits

Girls floral romper

3. Brunch dates

Brunch is such a fun alternative to breakfast in bed. My family does brunch with our entire family which I personally love. Looking cute with your little one would make it an even memorable day. How about a mommy and me matching dress for the occasion?

Mom and Me blue dress

4. Shopping

Shopping is the best way to be spoiled! Take the day and enjoy being appreciated. Pairing our Mom and Me Tops with jeans is such a great way to look trendy and match your little one. 

Mom and Me blush pink shirt

We hope that you guys have the best Mother's day and hope that you enjoy our styles. Comment down below your favorite Mother's day tradition!

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