Cool Weather Fix: 5 Ways to Update a Summer Wardrobe For Fall

August 18, 2020 3 min read

5 Ways to Update a Summer Wardrobe For Fall

Kids Fall Wardrobe

With fall just around the corner from vacation and break, it’s time to take a look at your kids’ wardrobes. How many of their most worn pieces can make the transition from summer to fall? If it doesn’t seem like that many make the cut for a kids fall wardrobe, don’t worry! Sydney So Sweet has the top tips you need to help you make the most of your little one’s outfits across all seasons. Check out our advice when you read on here!

1. Use Their Faves

The easiest way to get kids on board with the shift in appropriate clothing is by using their favorite summer pieces and building on top of them. Pick out a few of their go-to looks and find a cardigan that goes with their fave tee or a pair of leggings that complement a skirt or dress. Adding just a few simple, warmer pieces to their existing outfits means you don’t have to go crazy shopping for all new ensembles to complete your kids fall wardrobe.

2. Easy Wear

Struggles getting your kids into their clothing are nothing new to us. That’s why we recommend making sure anything you choose is easy to put on and take off. Whether it’s zippers, snaps, or buttons, make sure your kids’ fall wardrobe makes it easy to remove and adjust layers for changing temperatures. You may even want to make sure their base layers are also easy to slip on and off just in case there’s a tantrum you have to deal with as you’re getting them ready to head out for the day.

3. Lots of Layers

Layering for kids is a little different than for adults. While focusing on simple closures and fasteners is one aspect of the ideal kids fall wardrobe, you also need to consider cross-season staples that allow you to combine what’s already in their summer wardrobe into their fall ensembles. Opt for lightweight tops with long sleeves that they can wear under a thick sweater or coat. You can also look for scarves, hats, gloves, and other accessories that make their current outfits that much cozier.

4. Flannel-ize

Flannel is a great way to create the feel of fall in your kids wardrobe. It’s also another way to introduce layering for kids into their autumn ensembles. Throwing on a long sleeve flannel over a tee is simple and easy. You can even throw an oversized flannel on top of a hoodie for a unique look.

Flannels come in so many colors, cuts, and sizes that your kids can definitely show off their personality and participate in picking new clothes for their wardrobe.

5. Alter Closet Staples

Summer closet staples are full of shorts, tights, and cotton, but as the weather cools, you have to shift to fall kids wardrobe staples. Swap shorts for jeans, tights for thick fleece leggings, and cotton blends for wool blends to keep them warm and cozy all season long.

Get Started Today

It’s high time you started looking for the perfect pieces to add to your kid’s new seasonal wardrobe. Sydney So Sweet can help you ensure that they’re just as comfortable snacking on ice cream at the pool as they are jumping through piles of leaves in the yard. Explore our collections today for affordable styles that kids love!

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