Autumn Fashion Trends for Little Girls

August 11, 2020 3 min read

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Kids Fall Fashion

As the temperature drops, it’s time to start packing away those cute summer clothes and think about getting your little gal into kids fall fashion. There are hundreds of trends each season that can make your little gal stand out, but it can be hard to figure out which ones she’ll love. At Sydney So Sweet, we can help you select the best of the most popular trends out there each year. Explore our top picks to find great outfit ideas for your girl this fall.

1. Animal Prints

When it comes to prints and patterns, animal designs always come out on top. Now, in addition to finding them in dresses and tees, you can find animal prints on leggings too! Let your little girl roar in this kids fall fashion trend and layer her leggings with neutral toned knit sweaters and some fun sneakers to make this an #OOTD!

You have a lot of options when it comes to animal print. Opt for natural colors to balance with bright tees and tops or choose wild combinations — including zebra stripes in pink or cheetah spots in blue — to celebrate your little girl’s individuality.

2. Big Sleeves

kids fall fashion bell sleeve top

Here’s looking at your little boho princess this fall when you include big sleeves on dresses and tops! This trend is perfect for your girly girl who loves to play princess dress up. She’ll feel like she’s in a fairy tale when you find bell sleeved outfits in warm amber and red hues that are perfect for cooler weather.

A flower crown and neutral leggings can complete this look for your woodland princess, or throw on a pair of jeans and boots for a toddler fall outfit that’s more akin to modern royalty.

3. Nostalgia

The 80s and 90s are making a big comeback in adult’s and children’s fashion! Why keep your little one away from the kids' fall fashion trends that you used to love? Dress her up in throwback looks that include fringed dresses, tie dye tees, and denim jackets. You can even add a headband or two to help her really rock the look.

Another old school trend that’s coming back this year? Classic 50s patterns including stripes and polka dots. Balance her animal print outfit days with something a little more sophisticated including black and white spotted tops and blue and white striped dresses.

4. Bows & Ruffles

Tons of girls are loving bows and ruffles as accents to their kids fall fashion ensembles. Looking for a few ideas? Here are our favorites:

  • Bow Hair Clips
  • Bow-Tie Shoulder Straps
  • Classic Bow Headband
  • Bow Tie-Around Dress
  • Ribbons on Her Backpack

Accessorizing with a bow can bump up the volume from casual and classic to sweet and girly. Ruffles are just the natural extension of bows to create movement in her outfit. If your little gal already likes bows, she’ll fall in love with this fashion trend too! Find ruffles in tops, dresses, and even purse and hair accessories.

5. Crochet

Crochet is back for another round in kids fall fashion for this year too! We love how you can find crochet in classic cardigans, tops, and bags this year. Crochet and knit clothing helps you add more texture and interest to a toddler’s fall outfit without having to rely on colors to do all the work. They’re also really useful for layering when you want your little one to be able to adjust during daily temperature changes. A crochet top or knit hat adds just a bit of extra warmth to keep her warm and cozy outdoors.

Start Your Shopping Spree

As you start looking for new outfits for your own wardrobe, it can be fun to shop kids fall fashion for your little one at the same time! Find a few matching outfits for special Mommy & Me moments and ensure she looks just as chic as you do with a little help from Sydney So Sweet!

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