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Bonfire Babies: Autumn Experiences Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss

September 02, 2020 3 min read

Autumn Experiences Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss

Girls Fall Outfits for Autumn Activities

For many, fall is one of their favorite seasons and they want to share their experiences with their kids. If you’re an autumn lover, we know that there are so many quintessential fall activities you want to be able to experience. While staying safe this season is still very important and many group activities are closed during the pandemic, we can help you recreate some of your favorite moments at home. From pumpkin carving and apple picking to creating the biggest possible leaf pile and jumping in, there are so many ways you can still celebrate. Browse this list from Sydney So Sweet for everyone’s favorite activities modified for COVID safety.

1. Leaf Pile Jump

Wearing your coziest girls fall outfits, raking your yard into a massive leaf pile, and taking turns jumping in is something you just can’t miss. Clean your yard and have a great time all at once! You can also use this opportunity to have a family photo shoot with tons of unique action shots. Include kids of all ages with some shots sitting in front of your leaf pile or throwing handfuls in the air. Make sure every one of your kids looks great with autumn-themed baby clothes and unique girls fall outfits for Thanksgiving or Halloween from Sydney So Sweet.

2. Pumpkin Carving

While you might order your pumpkins delivered to your door instead of going together to choose them from the pumpkin patch, you can still design and carve your pumpkins as a family. If you have a larger family, you may even want to recreate the pumpkin picking experience by making your very own patch at home. Get your kids all dressed up in their girl’s fall outfits and take them outside to let them pick from a small selection you bought. Use the rest of the pumpkins to make pies and soups. Include some other gourds and squashes in your pumpkin patch to add a little variety to the experience and to your meals!

3. Apple Picking

Going apple picking is a fun family experience for adults and kids of all ages. If the orchards near you are closed, you should pivot to an apple scavenger hunt. Hiding apple piles in the yard or around the house lets your kids get in the spirit of fall — even if they can’t pick the apples off the trees themselves. Seeing them run around the house in their girl’s fall outfits, holding apple picking baskets, can be just as much fun as going to an orchard. Besides, apple pies are always a sweet treat for those brisk fall nights around the fireplace.

4. Explore Changing Leaves

You still want to get your kids out and exercising, even if they’re stuck at home all day. Walking around your neighborhood to explore the changing leaves is one way to enjoy the fall season as a family. If there aren’t a ton of trees near you, pack the kids in the car and go for a long drive around a local park or forest to get your fill of fantastic colors. You should also encourage your kids to jump out and grab a few of their favorite leaves for use in fall-themed crafts later.

Just like with the leaf pile, use this opportunity to snap some quick shots of your kids looking great in their girl’s fall outfits and autumn baby clothes among the changing trees.

5. Baking Pumpkin & Apple Pies

What’s autumn without fruit pies? Stretch your own baking skills and bond with your kids when you teach them a little bit about homemade pies. From non-bake pumpkin cheesecake to triple berry pies, there’s a lot of opportunity to experiment with new recipes this fall season. Whip up some pumpkin spice hot chocolate and lattes to enjoy while baking to really make this all about autumn!

6. Fall Crafts

Keeping your kids occupied during the weekends and fall holidays is easy with fall crafts. From handprint turkeys and finger painting on pumpkins to paper maché abstract window hangings made of fall foliage, there are crafts for every age range. Since crafts can be really messy, we always have backup girl’s fall outfits to change into after the creative process is done.

Fall Into Autumn with Sydney So Sweet

At Sydney So Sweet, we’re proud to be your number one resource for fall activities and girl’s clothing for every season. Explore our blog to find more great ideas for activities and shop our newest additions to discover affordable, fashionable ensembles for girls of all ages.

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