Little Girl PJ Parties: Nightgowns & Footies, Tiaras & Teddy Bears

August 09, 2019 4 min read

Little Girl PJ Parties: Nightgowns & Footies, Tiaras & Teddy Bears graphic

Little Girl PJ Parties: Nightgowns & Footies, Tiaras & Teddy Bears

A slumber party is a milestone in any little girl’s life—and she’s bound to form plenty of memories around those early PJ parties with her best friends. As her parent, you can help create a magical night that will thrill and delight her at every turn, whether you’re celebrating a birthday or having a little get together “just because.” From the best little girl pjs to top PJ party ideas to keep them busy and happy, we’ve got you covered on the Sydney So Sweet blog.

Set the Stage

Transform your home into a wonderland for the night with festive decor ideas that will dazzle and delight each and every PJ party guest. Some of our favorite ideas for setting the stage for the perfect party include:

  • Teepees and Canopies to add cozy nooks for hunkering down
  • Twinkle lights to add a dose of magic
  • Flameless candles that create kid-safe ambiance
  • Paper garlands that add a dose of color
  • Synthetic flowers that create the look of a lush garden
  • Paper lanterns that add a soft glow to any room

Once you create a fun, relaxing environment, your little girl and her guests will be able to change into their favorite little girl PJs and gear up for a night of fun and games that they won’t forget.

Screen a Movie (and Dress the Part!)

If you’re planning on throwing a PJ party with a theme, there are a few Pj party ideas that will reinforce that theme so that each aspect of the party feels well-planned and thoughtful. Thinking of throwing a princess-themed bash for your little one? Make sure you have a tiara for each little guest, and perhaps invite them to don little girl pajamas with the best princessy flourishes, or even cute costumes or princess tutus that get them into the royal mood. A movie can be a wonderful way to entertain them and get them into the swing of things theme-wise, so whether their favorite is Frozen or a classic like Princess Bride, screen something that will enchant them.

The Best Nibbles and Bites

Even the food you serve can be an opportunity to add a little something special to their evening. When it comes to pj party ideas for food, the most colorful options tend to be a hit. If you’re aiming for a healthy spread, that could mean offering a rainbow of fruits and veggies arranged in a pretty formation, with tasty dips served in cute and colorful paper plates and cups. For desserts, find ways to delight them with creative cupcakes, glittery sprinkles, and frosted cookies. You might also consider offering packages of cookies, trail mix, or popcorn that they can take back to their sleepover area—they’ll love having their own servings wrapped in pretty paper.

Teddy Bears and Other Cute Plus Ones

The ideal little girls pj party wouldn’t be complete without a few extra-cute plus ones! Indicate on the party invitation that each girl is welcome to bring a guest, in the form of her favorite teddy, stuffed animal, or doll! And, by bringing a treasured friend along, your little guests will feel comforted and at ease even when they’re away from home for the night. You can also enhance this aspect of your party with animal themed decor, or by providing cute animal accessories and headbands for guests to wear with their little girl pjs—we promise they will roar with delight.

Send Them Off With a Great Breakfast

A great PJ party extends beyond the excitement of the evening, with a breakfast spread that’s made to please every little girl on your invite list. Have them dress their best or let them lounge in their little girls PJs for a few more hours, and serve up some of their favorite foods. We’ve found that breakfast classics that they can customize to their liking tend to make the best morning fare. That means pancakes cooked to order, waffles with a bevvy of fruit or candy toppings, all served up in adorable dishware (cute disposables make for easy cleanup, while mix and match china from the thrift store can come in extra handy for a tea party vibe!) Make sure to snap some sweet photos of them in their little girl pjs before its time for the party to end—that way you’ll have a little reminder of all the fun they had.

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