Incorporating Glitter & Magic Into Your Little Girl’s Wardrobe

August 15, 2019 3 min read

Incorporating Glitter & Magic Into Your Little Girl’s Wardrobe graphic

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As you probably know, girlhood is a joyfully, fleeting time (doesn’t it seem like your little girl was tiny not too long ago?) That said, it's important to make the most of the special moments in your daughter’s life, infusing it with fun and joy that both of you can take part in. Celebrate the magic of raising little girls with these little girls wardrobe ideas and more from the Sydney So Sweet Blog!

Enjoy Some Unicorn Themed Magic

What’s more magical to your little girl than a mythical creature known for its beauty, sweetness and grace? Imbue her childhood with the magic of unicorns with fun unicorn-themed clothes for your little girls wardrobe that will quickly become her favorites! Whether she likes leggings and tees that make playing outside a breeze, or wants to get gussied up in a super sweet dress with her own unicorn horn headband, there’s something fun for every budding fashionista’s style.

Make Time for Dress Up

Who says the joyful costumes can only come out on Halloween? While your schedule and hers likely keep you busy, we suggest you build opportunities for dress up into your days. That might mean hosting a fancy breakfast party on Saturday mornings and inviting her to don her favorite princess-inspired styles, or encouraging her to get creative with her wardrobe choices as a fun after school activity. She’ll adore the opportunity to transform for an hour or so, and you’re sure to get plenty of meaningful memories out of your new ritual—you might even find yourself feeling inspired to match her with a costume of your own!

Accessories To Make Every Day Special

With the right details, trips to pre-school, running errands, or family events can still be imbued with a little bit of glitter and magic. To add that special touch to her day, make sure your little girls wardrobe is filled with sweet accessories that allow her to express her developing sense of style and her personality! If she’s totally into jewelry, encourage her to explore colors, patterns, and shapes with fun and festive necklaces. For the gal with a whimsical sense of play, a cute headband that allows her to adopt the features of a favorite animal is an easy way to play dress up on the go and let her have a little fun along the way.

Add Her Own Art to Her Bedroom

Our favorite little girl bedroom ideas are the ones that allow her to tap into her own magical imagination. That’s why we love the idea of using her own artwork to decorate her walls. Help her create a painting, a garland, or a series of drawings that represent most favorite things, then hang them in her room to celebrate her powers of self-expression and her ability to make the world a more beautiful place. Over the months and years, this little gallery of her work will become a powerful time capsule into your sweet girl’s imagination and her passions—something both kids and moms can get excited about.

Dressing Your Little Ballerina

Shouldn’t every little girls wardrobe embrace her inner ballerina? Whether she’s all about those dance lessons or simply loves playing ballerina dress up, a tutu in just the right size for her will definitely help create some magical moments full of wonder and enchantment. No matter her age, she’s going to have a blast choosing a tutu in her favorite colors that will add some grace to both of your days.

Twinkle Lights and Other Celestial Themed Decor

Make her days and nights a little more enchanting with celestial-themed little girl bedroom ideas that transport her and let her imagination shine! We love adding a string of twinkle lights to a little girl’s room as a way to incorporate some sparkle (and it doesn’t hurt that they can double as a night light as needed!) Add additional celestially-inspired elements like cloud-shaped pillows, sun and moon themed wall art, and charming peel and stick wallpaper that will encourage her to dream big and shoot for the stars.

Meet Sydney So Sweet

Sydney So Sweet is an online boutique offering little girls wardrobe items, including apparel, accessories, costumes, and more. We strive to capture that particular magic of raising little girls through each item we sell, and with our playful inventory, fast and free shipping, and affordable prices, we make it easy to add a sense of wonder and play to your days. Shop our new arrivals today!

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