Mother-Daughter Day Activities

March 28, 2022 3 min read

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Mom and Me Activities for Bonding with Your Daughter

A mother daughter bond is something that should be cherished and celebrated. In order to celebrate that bond, it is often important to have mother-daughter days! We have curated a list of mother-daughter activities that we think you and your little one will enjoy. These various activities were developed for all mothers and daughters that have different likes and interests. We hope that these activities will bring you closer to your bestie and will help to bring you a bit of joy!

Activity 1: Movie Day

Is there anything better than an activity that doesn’t require you to actually leave your house? We know there is nothing that mommas love more than being able to spend all day in their pajamas. A movie day at home with your little one is just what you and your little need to get that much needed rest that you’ve been looking for. We suggest deciding on movies the day before and then ordering in some fun treats to eat during your movie binge. You and your little one can even have matching pajamas or outfits to really capture the mother daughter time! Check out our Mommy and Me line that has a variety of cozy loungewear that will be perfect for your movie day and add on a cozy blanket to cozy up with!

Activity 2: Self Care Day

There’s two words that jump out to us….rest and relaxation! What girl doesn’t love a day that is dedicated to pampering herself? We recommend a mother/daughter day that is dedicated to self care! You can plan ahead by ordering some face masks, nail polish, and maybe some fancy robes! You and your little one can set up a little at home spa by transforming your bathroom into a luxurious getaway. You can change into your robes and spend the day pampering yourselves. After you are done pampering yourselves, change into one of our cozy pullovers and spend the rest of the night playing a board game or coloring.

Activity 3: At Home Photoshoot

mom and me photo shoot

With the pandemic still going on, you often don’t have the need to wear fun or fancy clothes. You tend to lean towards your more comfy and basic outfits! We encourage you and your little to take a day to wear that new outfit that you’ve had for months and have a little at home photoshoot. You and your little one can coordinate your outfits, shoes, and accessories to showcase that style! Plan out your outfits ahead of time and ask if your hubby will take some pictures for you. These pictures will make for a super fun keepsake and you can even use them to hang around the house.

Activity 4: Dance Party

With all that has been going on in the world, sometimes you just want to have an escape to take your mind off of things! What’s a better distraction than a little dance party? Order some fun tutus and leg warmers and get ready to dance till you drop! Move some furniture out of your living room and make a super fun playlist that is full of dancing hits! 

princess tutus

Activity 5: Cooking Lessons

There is nothing that warms our soul more than some delicious food! Spend some time with your little babe and try out those new recipes that you’ve been eyeing! It’s never too early for her to start learning some life skills and she will love the ability to be able to help you out in the kitchen! Order some cute matching aprons and some cozy outfits to enhance the overall experience! You and your little chef can end the day by enjoying all of the delicious food that you spent the day cooking!

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