Behind The Scenes - Dog Collar Photoshoot Day at SSS

April 01, 2022 3 min read

Behind The Scenes - Dog Collar Photoshoot Day at SSS

Dog Collar Photoshoot Day at SSS

Picture this: It's a beautiful summer day in Ohio. The cutest and fluffiest dogs come to our warehouse for the most fun photoshoot ever! One thing that some people that shop with us may not know is that we carry dog collars & leashes. We have about a million different colors and prints for all sizes! A couple months back, we were really wanting to get as many photos of dogs with the actual collars on, but we thought, "How can we get pictures for all of the collars we have without using the same dog?" 

Well, the answer was fun one. We held a photoshoot day where we recruited our local shoppers with dogs to come by our warehouse. Here is how it went...

  light blue collar and leash on fluffy dog small white dog with blue argyle leash and collar  comic book collar on white lab  

The Start Of The Day

The day started in the early in the morning, where we took some adorable photos of Jen's (the owner) dogs! We had no idea how many people were coming and wanted to start the day off strong! We had Luna and Zoey model some of the solid color collars and leashes. They are pro models at this point and did a fantastic job representing each color. 

                    zoey with light blue collar luna with orange leash and collar    

Once we got all that we need, we got prepared for the day. We grabbed every single leash and collar combination that we have, which like I mentioned before, is a lot. We'd hoped that if people saw the collars in use, it would encourage more people to see how cute they are on real dogs! In any business, real photos can go a long way, but especially for an online company.  

The Arrival

 At around 11:00 am, the dogs started rolling in. We did not know what we expected, but it turned out way better than we could've imagined. It started out with around 5 dogs here, running around, having a blast. Everyone chose a collar and leash combination and went off around our warehouse and outside to get some photos. All of the dogs were so playful with each other, it was the cutest thing ever. 

It was also so awesome to get the chance to hang out with our shoppers because we had never really gotten the chance to before. Being an online boutique, we really only talk to our customers over social media or through our live sales. It was so cool for people to see a bit behind the scenes at SSS and get the chance to talk to so many real faces! 

  Daisy dog collar on black fluffy dog  orange and blue polka dot collar and leash on brown lab  navy and pink polka dot collar and leash on golden

The Photoshoot

At around 1:00 pm, we had around 10 dogs here at once. It was crazy, but it was fun! We had dogs here of all sizes and breeds, it was amazing. It turned out so much better than we expected. All of the dogs were so well behaved and sweet, which obviously helped with the photoshoot process. We got some really great shots of the pups and everyone got to take their leash and collar that they used home for free! 

This experience was so incredible. We got to play with so many adorable dogs, meet and chat with our amazing customers, and we got some really great photos! Shout out to all of the dog mamas that participated in our photoshoot. We are so grateful to you! Overall, 10/10 would do this again. Dog moms for life! Shop for your dog collars and leashes here. Your pup will be so happy! 


                             Comment below if you see your pup! 


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