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Our Favorite Birthday Party Themes

Nothing makes a little girl feel quite as special as an extravagant birthday party thrown just for her! When a birthday party has a theme, it becomes even more magical and unique. Your little girl will know just how much you care because of all the time and effort you put into designing the party base on a theme that she likes.

The awesome thing is that there’s a lot you can do if you want to throw your toddler or little girl a birthday party with a theme. It can be fancy or laid-back. You can ask the guests to dress to the nines or even wear their pajamas. It all depends on what your child likes and what your budget for time and money are. The following 7 themes are some of our favorites and are all daughter-approved, so go ahead and take your pick!

1. Spa Day Party

A lot of the activities that are popular with little girls happen to fit perfectly into a spa day birthday party theme. Invite children to a special day of self-care involving their favorite spa activities or some new ones that you show them!


  • Nail polish
  • Hair ‘dos (for the girls and their dolls)
  • Tea party
  • DIY face masks
  • DIY eye masks (the kind for sleeping)


  • Relaxing colors such as pastels and neutrals
  • Plenty of cushions and bean bags

Party Favors

  • Flip flops
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Bath bombs

2. Picnic Party


Does your child love the outdoors? If the weather is fair during your child’s birthday month, then a picnic party is one of the best birthday party themes for your little girl.


  • A picnic (at the park or in the backyard)
  • Outdoor games such as a bean bag toss, tag or Twister
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Petting zoo visit
  • An easy hike


A custom banner or picnic blanket that reads “Happy Birthday (your child’s name)” Bedazzled picnic basket and food containers

Party Favors

  • Sunglasses
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Binoculars
  • Personal reusable cutlery sets

3. Breakfast Party

A little girl wears a donut unicorn shirt and holds a Dunkin Donuts cup and suitcase.

Everyone loves a good breakfast! Mommies who feel confident in their pancake-flipping abilities can show off their skills and put smiles on little girls’ faces with a breakfast party. Is your little girl having a sleepover party? This particular toddler and little girl birthday party theme can be easily combined with that one!


  • Breakfast or DIY breakfast (pancakes in cool shapes)
  • DIY cereal necklaces
  • Spa activities such as face masks
  • Morning pillow fight
  • Morning movie


  • Doughnut and sunshine themed decals
  • Fresh flowers

Party Favors

  • Mini cereal boxes
  • Doughnut pops
  • Doughnut-themed jewelry and accessories
  • Mini fruit jams

4. Camping Party

Lots of kids like camping, but not many get to go as often as they might wish. Be the parent who throws a little girl birthday party with a camping theme and every little attendee (and their parents) will be ever-so grateful! Simply adapt regular camping activities to your own backyard.


  • Sleeping in a tent
  • Making S’mores
  • Backyard bonfire
  • Spooky stories
  • Outdoor games


  • String lights
  • Outdoorsy banner

Party Favors

  • Camping-themed patches
  • Flashlights
  • Outdoorsy guide book
  • Bug in amber

5. Unicorn Party

A young girl wears a unicorn tutu outfit and sips juice from a plastic cup.

Unicorns are symbols of magic, individualism and love. Also, they’re just really darn cool! For little ones who just want unicorn EVERYTHING, a unicorn-themed party is an easy and unforgettable choice. It will be easy to find unicorn décor as well and unicorn clothing (you can find lots at Sydney So Sweet) for this toddler and little girl birthday theme.


  • Pin the horn on the unicorn
  • Unicorn piñata
  • Decorating ceramic unicorns
  • Rainbow beauty activities (such as nail polish)
  • Watching a unicorn movie


  • Unicorn everything
  • Rainbow everything

Party Favors

6. Ballerina Party

A snow white tutu.

Whether or not your child does ballet, she may have dreams of being a ballerina taking the stage in a puffy tutu. A ballerina party will make those dreams come true for her! Here at our boutique, we offer tutus in every color and pattern your child could want. Want to clothe all her friends in tutus for this little girl birthday theme? Our affordable tutu party packs are a great way to do just that.


  • Let the kids choreograph their own “recital” for parents to watch
  • Tutu decoration (with sequin and other things to glue on)
  • Pink-themed spa activities (such as nail polish)
  • Ballerina photo shoot
  • Ballerina versions of common kids’ games


  • Ballerina cake
  • Pink balloons, banners, tablecloths, etc.

Party Favors

  • Pink ribbon hair ties
  • Pink lip balm
  • Pink jewelry
  • Pink hair bows

7. Princess Party

A young girl wears a unicorn dress and holds a wand.

Being creative can be fun, but you can never go wrong with a classic toddler or little girl birthday theme such as a princess party. Little ones love the chance to dress up as their favorite princesses. Throw a specific princess party such as a Disney princess party or let the girls create unique princesses from their imagination!


  • Kiss the prince (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey)
  • DIY princess wands
  • Watch a princess movie
  • Princess Says (a variation of Simon Says)
  • Princess tea party (dolls are invited)


  • Pink tassel garlands
  • Pink curtains

Party Favors

  • Plastic tiaras
  • Cake pops
  • Disney Princess goods
  • A rose for each princess

Shop Birthday Girl Clothing

Little girl wearing pink birthday tutu set at party

These little girl birthday themes can make a young lady’s special day a luxury. The best thing about them is that each of them can be toned up or down depending on what you have time for. Even a theme-free birthday party can be lots of fun as long as you prepare activities, food and party favors that your child and her friends love.

Sometimes, all it takes is a special outfit for a little girl to feel special. For Ava’s 10th birthday, she explored 7 different looks, all of which are super easy and affordable to prepare. At Sydney So Sweet, you can pick up a beautiful birthday outfit for $10 or less and then get accessories to match for under $5! For girls who like to get creative and heap on the accessories, there’s no better place to shop.

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