Reducing Screen Time for Kids, Tips from a Mom

July 31, 2019 2 min read

Reducing Screen Time for Kids, Tips from a Mom

Reducing Screen Time for Kids, Tips from a Mom

Are you having trouble getting your kids off their iPad’s and getting them outside to play? Although giving your child unlimited electronic time will keep them quiet, too much screen time is not healthy. Setting limits on your kids screen time can be a challenge in today’s screen- obsessed world. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you limit your child's screen time to a healthy, reasonable amount this summer.

First, it is important to remember that our kids mimic what we do in our daily life. We need to act like role models to our children and lead by example. Are you on your phone a lot? Limit your screen time in front of your children and wait until your alone or your child's bedtime before you start scrolling through Facebook. 

It is also important to have a few screen time roles set in place. A few examples are:

  • No electronics during dinner time.
  • All homework must be completed before using electronics.
  • No electronics after _ P.M.
  • Electronic/ screen time is reserved for _ P.M. to _ P.M.

Make sure all other siblings and caregivers know and follow these rules. 

Have other activities planned to preoccupy their time with. This will help them from getting bored and whining about not having their device. A good way to keep them active and occupied is to sign them up for a recreational sports team. 

Another option is to use an electronic device as an award and not leisurely free time. They could clean their room to earn time on their iPad.

Reward your child for giving up their electronic devices. If your kids do not have a screaming tantrum when you ask for them to give up their iPad, maybe let them play on it for 10 more minutes for good behavior. 

What tips do you have for getting your kids to spend less time using electronic devices?

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