Pixie Parties: Our Favorite Tutu Outfits For Pixie Party Celebrations

June 06, 2019 3 min read

Our Favorite Tutu Outfits For Pixie Party Celebrations

In traditional folklore, pixies are tiny and youthful winged creatures with a penchant for mischief. Does this sound like someone you know? Maybe the littlest girl in your family?

Young children should get chances to try on as many different roles as possible throughout childhood because playing pretend is a huge component of early learning. If your child loves dress-up, then a pixie outfit, complete with voluminous tutu and as much glitter as possible, is a must try. It’s not hard to create an occasion for her to do so, either: one great way is to throw a pixie party!

How To Throw A Pixie Shindig

Childhood occasions such as birthday parties, tea parties and playdates can easily be turned into pixie gatherings. You can decorate your backyard or tea party table like a woodland fairytale, plan some pixie themed games, and provide lots of magical pixie themed party favors. Of course, asking the little girls in attendance to arrive in their best pixie attire is the most important part. The good news is that pixie outfits and costumes can be very simple and affordable to put together. All you really need is a pixie style tutu, the kind of tutu with pointed edges on the skirt rather than smooth ones. Take a look at our absolute favorite pixie party outfits!

1. Graphic Tee + Pixie Tutu

The graphic tee and pixie tutu combo is the pixie look at its most casual. Simply take your child’s favorite tutu and pair it with a T-shirt with some matching or complementary colors on it. The T-shirt can be plain, or it can have a cheerful or festive design on it. Choosing a T-shirt as the top will help the outfit feel comfortable while still having the playful pixie element. This outfit is a great choice if your child is going to a school party or if you need several matching costumes for your pixie party!

2. Unicorn Tutu

Rainbow tutu and unicorn headband

It’s a meeting of two mythical beings! There’s no need to restrict your child’s expression to one character. If she loves unicorns, she can dress as a unicorn pixie by wearing an outfit combining a unicorn-themed shirt, mystical-looking tutu, and possibly a unicorn headband to match.

3. Dancer Pixies

Many little girls are dancers, and many parties are dance parties! If your child and her friends are dance lovers, you can plan your pixie party around a dance theme and request that the little pixie dancers dress in their leotards and most magical tutus!

4. Cowgirl Tutu Outfit

Cowgirls are another adorable and versatile element to work into the pixie theme! For a party inspired by the American West, ask the little girls to pair their pixie style tutu with their cowboy hats and boots. For the party itself, prepare some Western-themed food and décor. A horse riding school would be a great place to have this particular pixie party!

5. Disney Princess Outfit

Baby girl with birthday balloons wearing red, blue and yellow tutu set.

You’ve probably seen children’s dresses inspired by the Disney princesses before, but have you seen Disney princess tutu outfits before? That’s right, your child can play dress-up as her favorite Disney princess with just a tutu and a little imagination. Begin with the right princess tutu, ideally one that matches the character’s original dress in color. Next, add a leotard or fancy top in the same color. Finally, if the character has special hair, accessories, gloves or shoes, add those costume elements to the look and you’ve got yourself a princess fit for a pixie party!

Turn Your Daughter Into A Pixie For A Day!

Little girl wearing pink wings, mask, and tutu outdoors.

Tutus are such an inexpensive but valuable dress up option to have that they easily deserve a place in every young fashion enthusiast’s closet. You’d be surprised at how many different outfits you can make with a single tutu. From Halloween to photo shoots to weddings to fun runs to parties of all kinds, all sorts of events can be fitting occasions to wear a pixie style tutu.

A pixie party is the best site for a pixie gathering. We highly recommend trying to throw this kind of party because all the little girls are sure to have fun wearing their weightless, totally danceable tutus together – not that little princesses ever really need an excuse to start dancing!

At Sydney So Sweet, tutus were one of the very first items we offered when we opened up our online store. Now, we offer these tulle skirts in both children’s and adult sizes! Prepare for your pixie party with help from the rainbow of tutus we have available – shipping is always free!

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