August 15, 2018 3 min read

Mix 'n Match Back To School Clothes Shopping

Save Money and Go Back to School in Style

5 Strategies to find BTS clothes pieces that work with more than one outfit.

Back to school shopping is fun! But it can also be expensive. As a mom of 5, I am always looking for ways to stretch the back to school budget. With my boys, it's easy... basic black and gray shorts, a few pairs of jeans, some dri-fit t-shirts, a couple of hoodies, one pair of tennis shoes, and they are good to go. Girls, however, are a completely different story. The first thing you would see if you looked into my 10 year old's closet is the crazy variety of shoes -  sandals, flips, crocs, birks, slides (and that's just for summer)... you get the idea. And don't get me started on the different kinds of tops, skirts, dresses, bottoms, etc. We won't even mention the accessories drawer.  And she's not even a teenager yet! One thing my daughter has taught me is the beauty of mix 'n match. She is the queen of pairing items that I never dreamed would go together. It is her way of expressing her own style. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue when she shows up at the breakfast table wearing athletic shorts with a button down top, but I am happy that she uses her wardrobe to express her uniqueness. And, it just goes to show that the way you buy the outfit isn't necessarily the only way to wear it. So lets look at 5 types of back to school clothes that are great for mix 'n match.

1. Denim

Denim is one of the easiest mix 'n match products for your little girl. By purchasing a denim piece from any children's boutique, there are endless outfits to be made! You can pair it with any t-shirt or tunic top in her closet! Also, a fun detail of lace, sequins, or holes can really make an outfit pop. Denim can also be worn throughout the winter, summer, and for bts clothes. It is an essential year-long product that could be paired with any top for any occasion. Mix n' match pieces like denim shorts really give you the most bang for the buck.
brand rep in denim shorts and short sleeve t-shirt outfit for summer

2. Novelty T's

Novelty T's are a great product to be paired with all of her crazy leggings or fun denim. These are great pieces to have in her closet to be able to mix 'n match with bottoms. Children's boutique tee's are very unique and fun. They allow her to express her personality while mom gets to have a great bang for her buck.

3. Accessorize

The most important thing to think about when purchasing accessories is to make sure your little girl has lots to match it! Whether it be a headband, necklace, or bow, your cutie could wear it with her favorite boutique dresses or outfit from a kids boutique or store.  

polka dot back to school skirt outfit on little girl little girl in back to school apple chiffon tutu skirt outfit

4. Leggings

Getting a complete outfit with solid colored leggings is the perfect way to go for back to school shopping. The ease of it is that the leggings match the fun fabric of the top from your favorite little girls boutique clothing shop, but they are also interchangeable with many other tops. You will get great use out of the leggings by being able to pair them with many different tops in order to make endless complete outfits.

little girl in ruffle red leggings minnie mouse outfit

5. Tutu cute

The best accessory to make any outfit unique is by pairing it with a tulle tutu. A tutu accessory is a great addition over any pair of leggings, dress, or outfit. The ballet tutu would be functional for many outfits and get many uses. It would allow your girl to sparkle in pink, purple, blue, or any color really! You can even add polka dots, and it instantly becomes a perfect  Minnie costume for your family trip to Disney.

little girl in minnie mouse hot pink polka dot tutu

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