Snow Day Activity Guide

December 27, 2021 3 min read

Snow Day Activity Guide

Snow Day Activity Guide

Each year as the cold, snowy months come around, the chances for a snow day are always in the back of your mind. You have not lived until you have completely banked on a snow day the night before. Spoons under pillows, flushing ice cubes, all of it. Part of the excitement is the anticipation! On the off chance that you actually get a snow day, there are so many different things you can choose to do. If you're stuck on what to do, keep reading to see what we think would be the best snow day activities!

Obviously Online Shopping

One of the downsides to a snow day is that you can't really go anywhere. If you could, then you would be at school. That limits you to at home activities, which brings me to my first idea. Online shopping will always be easy, fun and my first choice! You can wrap yourself up in some blankets, put on your show and shop away. Luckily for you, we have so many different styles and prints to choose from! Check out our Valentine's Day Collection that has such a wide variety of pretty outfits to shop from! Our bestsellers collection will show you all of the outfits that are our customer's favorites! Go shop away!

Snow Many Games 

Another great way to spend your snow day is by playing games! Sledding or building snowmen is always such a great way to spend a snow day. However, being cold can get old pretty quickly. If you are all snowed out, head inside for some games instead! If you like to color, set up a contest between your siblings or friends! If you like to play dress up, imagine you are somewhere on a beach, not stuck inside because of the cold! There are a bunch of different games you could play on a snow day. Hopefully you will get the chance to!

Spa Day At Home 

If you are like me, I am sitting on the couch and relaxing on my snow day. I am wrapping myself up in blankets and staying cozy the entire day. However, there are still activities you can do that are just as relaxing as laying on the couch! On a cold day, nothing sounds more relaxing than taking a bubble bath. Set up a little skin care station and moisturize, take your bubble bath and change into your comfiest clothes. When that's all done, pick out our favorite color of nail polish and paint your nails and toes! After that, you will be clean, cozy, AND cute! Happy relaxing!

Movie Marathon

Not every kid enjoys playing in the snow or playing bored games. If that is you, I still have you covered. You can never go wrong with a movie marathon. Get a series started of your favorite movies or choose a bunch of random favorites to watch! I would even make some popcorn and grab all of my coziest blankets! Set up your couch with some pillows, blankets and snacks and you will be set for the day. Happy watching!

Snow days are the best as kids because it feels like a free day to play. Whether you like to play outside in the snow or cozy up on the couch, there is no wrong way to spend a snow day. Take the time to do something that is fun or makes you happy. Whether you decide to build snowmen or watch movies all day, I hope that you enjoy every minute!

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