The Top 10 Best Mommy & Me Outfits For 2023

January 20, 2022 5 min read

The Top 10 Best Mommy & Me Outfits For 2023

Here at Sydney So Sweet, we take pride in our Mommy & Me Collection. Every little girl looks up to her mama. What better way to make your mini's day than to match her! Keep reading to see the cutest list (in no particular order) of mommy and me items that I believe are the best styles for 2023! 

1. Sweet Sweet Sherpa

Want to know the best thing about our Sherpa pullovers? They feel like you are *literally* wearing a blanket. Who wouldn't want that?? Not only are they comfy and cute, but they are very trendy. My cheetah print lovers need our Pink Leopard Quarter Zip Hoodie! Check out the rest of our Sherpa pullovers & find the perfect fit for you and your mini! 

2. Savvy Shackets 

Shackets are a must have this season for a number of reasons! First of all, adding a shacket over top almost anything instantly can make an outfit cuter. Secondly, shackets have become one of the trendiest "winter" styles this season, and I do not foresee that changing. Lastly, a matching shacket for your mini might be the cutest thing I have ever heard. Wait until you see our mommy & me shackets that we have, you will LOVE!

3. Mama & Mini Script 

Scream it loud and proud, mama! You have a little mini and you wanna show her off! Mama and mini script sweatshirts, tees, etc.. are the ultimate mommy and me matching tops! Your little one will not only love matching her mama, but she will love showing off that she's your mini! Our acid wash mama and mini tops are the perfect choice for you mamas. Take a look around the rest of our mama and miniitems and find something you and your mini will love! 

4. Valentine's Day Matching 

Wanna know why Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays? All of the pink! We love our pink over here at SSS, and we are spreading the love with our matching Valentine's Day looks. Our Mom & Me - Pink Love Matching Pullover Tops are the perfect choice for this holiday season coming up. If you are more of a simple gal, we have the cutest pink or red options that I am sure you will love. Check out more Valentine's matching looks on the site today! Just in time! 

5. St. Patrick's Day Matching

The paddy don't start until you see our St. Patrick's Day mommy and me looks! For this St. Patrick's Day, match with your mini because she is your lucky charm. And you are hers! We have so many cute St. Patrick's Day looks for you guys this season! We added a little pink into our St. Patrick's Day mommy and me, and I know that you will be happy we did! Check out my favorite pink option here! If you are more of a traditional green lover for the holiday, we've got you covered, too. So many great options for you this season! Shop the site for your mommy and me St. Patrick's Day looks if you are feeling LUCKY!

6. The Perfect Pjs

I don't know about you but if I could live in my pajamas, I would. Comfort is key for me, especially when I am hanging out at home or going to bed. This season we have the CUTEST mommy and me jammies that you and your little one will absolutely love. Our kiss pjs might be my favorite that we have on the site! The great thing about our pjs is that even though some may have "holiday specific patterns", you can still wear them all year around. Plus they are the coziest pajamas you will ever put on! Matching with your mini in pjs makes bed time more fun and overall is a cute way to match with your little one. Cozy up and take a look at our fun and festive matching pjs

7. Sweet Sweatshirt Weather 

One of my favorite thing about mom and me tops is that you have options. If you are more of a simple clothes gal, our hoodies will be perfect for you. You can still match your mini and look adorable while still keepin' it casual. My camo lovers will absolutely adore our camo waffle knit hoodie! There are so many different styles, prints, and colors in our mommy and me sweatshirt collection. I know that you will find something that you love! Sweatshirt weather is here and ours are waiting for your pretty self to wear them! Match your mini in one of our cozy and cute sweatshirts this season! 

8. Lazy Gal Loungewear

I can almost guarantee that you will find me always find me wearing loungewear. that doesn't mean that I don't want to look cute, but I am always aiming for comfort. If you are like me in that way, then our loungewear sets are the perfect option for you. There is also something about a matching top and bottom set that makes it look less "slouchy" as well! My animal print lovers will love our sets! Especially our cheetah print sets, they are too cute! A big plus with matching loungewear for your mini is that she will love matching her mama. Plus, loungewear is the perfect go-to for those running around days. Comfort is always key and you will absolutely find it here! Check out the rest of the mommy and me loungewear and stay comfy. 

9. DRESS it up

Matching your mini in a dress is the cutest idea ever! How adorable does that sound?? Our ditsy floral dresses come in a selection of colors that I know you both will love. Sometimes kiddos don't always feel like putting on a dress and with the matching mommy option, maybe it will make them more excited to do so! Spice things up and add one of our mommy and me dresses to your cart today! 

10. Swim Swim Swim

Last, but certainly not least, our mom and me swim collection! Got a vacation or trip coming up? Matching your mini in a swim suit is such a cute and stylish way to vacay! We have some super cute options up on the site right now that would make you the trendiest duo at the beach or pool. Keep your eye out for our new matching swim that we will be launching soon! 

I hope that I have inspired you to do some shopping for you and your mini! Matching with your little one has become one of the biggest trends, and I know that we have delivered with some super cute options. Take a look around and find something perfect to match with your mini! Happy shopping!

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