InstA-dorable: Snapping Sweet, Social-Media Friendly Pics

January 19, 2022 3 min read

little girls’ taco outfit

InstA-dorable: Snapping Sweet, Social-Media Friendly Pics

Social media photography has been taking the world by storm in this generation. A quick snap of a photo will let people peek into your life a little more and allow them to see you, your family, and your adorable little one in a different light. To make your kids' fashion pictures more appealing and more social media-friendly, there are a few tips to live by that will up your photography game.

Prep Your Phone

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you want to make sure that you are setting up your phone to make the most of your social media photography opportunities. Firstly, you'll want to turn off the HDR (high dynamic range). Your photos will look more natural without this setting. You also will want to change the exposure on your phone. Have you noticed that sometimes your photos may look overexposed when you are snapping away? That's because your phone naturally overexposes some areas.

Know Your Lighting

As you will find out, taking kids' fashion pictures is all about lighting and composition. We'll go into the balance in a little while, but you do want to find your light. Whenever you snap a photo of your little diva, make sure that the sun is hitting precisely. Natural light is going to be the best light that you can have, so if you can, then try to take the picture near a window or even outside. It helps to make sure that your child is dressed up in a colorful outfit that will catch the light, as well.

Venture Out in the Golden Hours

Golden hours refer to dawn or dusk. These unique and different light contrasts make for beautiful social media photography. They can draw in the audience instantly. You also do not have to wait for just these time slots; doing a photoshoot outside on a grey or even cloudy day can spread the light all over the picture. The weather will make for fascinating photos, so be sure to use it to your benefit. Again, make sure that your little one's look of the day matches her surroundings.

Composition is Crucial

While there are things to consider for compositions of a photo, there are some fundamentals that you need to know. The first is the way that you align your kids' fashion picture to make it as appealing as possible. If your phone has a grid in it, make sure that you turn it on as it will help you align the items you are taking a photo of and ensure your child's photos are flawless. Try to configure the picture so that your little girl is backed by something interesting, such as a field of flowers that match her dress or a rustic barn backdrop.

Understand the Color Palette

The color of your photos and the filters you use are crucial points. Color palettes can evoke emotions, so you should know what your social media photography is invoking in people. For example, the color pink can call to mind feelings of sweetness and sensitivity, where the color blue suggests calming and relaxation. Try to complement or contrast the color palette with your little girl's pretty ensemble.

When you are sharing social media photography, you always want to share flawless, stunning pictures that represent how you see your beloved child. Whether you're sharing snaps from a birthday party or showcasing a new outfit, consider the tips that we've shared here. Sydney So Sweet can also help you to pick out picture-perfect clothes and accessories to amp up your photography.

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