The Ultimate Mix N’ Match Guide for Girls' Clothing

July 02, 2019 4 min read

The Ultimate Mix N’ Match Guide for Girls' Clothing

The Ultimate Mix N’ Match Guide for Girls' Clothing

Toddlers and little girls get to have a lot of fun with their clothing, but even they have days when no outfit seems right. Get ready to turn all future “nothing to wear” days into days with super awesome and easy outfit days. Part of the Sydney So Sweet style motto is to always have fun with mix-and-matching. We love coordinating tops and bottoms, but we also love mixing unexpected colors and prints once in a while. Read our handy mix n’ match guide and get ready to change the way you look at how to style toddler girls for good!

Casual Everyday Looks

1. Suspenders Dress And Tee

A young girl wears a blue and orange suspender dress and t-shirt combo with a pumpkin on the skirt.


Suspender dress outfits are one of our favorite things at the Sydney So Sweet boutique. At once dapper and playful, a tee-shirt and suspender dress combo makes a little girl look instantly coordinated. It would be easy to forget how comfy the combo is for your little girl, who gets the benefit of soft fabric and as much room for movement as she wants. For added coverage, she can wear stockings, leggings or shorts with her suspender dress.

In our store, we sell suspender dresses and tees together, but feel free to wear the pieces separately and mix-and-match your way to a whole lot of new outfit combos! Never scratch your head over how to style your toddler girl so that she looks polished-yet-unique again.

2. Tunic Top And Leggings

Dressesare awesome, but some days (such as cold days and sports days) are just not dress-friendly. Pairing a tunic with leggings is a chic way to get the girliness of a dress with the warmth and flexibility of pants. From ‘80s inspired denim outfits to magical pink ensembles to adorable holiday combos, we offer so many ready-made tunic top and legging combos. Wear them as is or separate and mix-and-match them to add your own creative flair to your child’s outfit!

3. Shirts And Shorts/Capris

Backpack with a hunting rifle

In the summer, how to style your toddler or little girl is an easy question to answer indeed. Prepare a variety of colorful, breezy and fun tops and bottoms such as tanks, tees, shorts and capris for her to choose from. Make sure that there are enough options so that she never gets bored. We offer lots of pre-coordinated summer top-and-bottom combos here at our store. Each outfit introduces so many possibilities to your child’s closet whether she likes to mix or match. For fun, you can even teach her about complementary colors and how to use them to create outfits.

Do you ever feel stumped about how to style your toddler girl for school? We’ve got awesome back to school outfits for her to wear and love.

Fancy Fun Day Looks

1. Tee And Tutu

A little girl wears a blue top and yellow tutu and blows at a pink pinwheel.

Childhood is the best time to experiment with fashion. Not only is children’s fashion more affordable than adult fashion, but children also face fewer restrictions in what they wear, no matter where they're going. For instance, lots of little girls love tutus and it’s possible for them to wear tutus almost anywhere they want. Ballet recitals, trips to Disneyland and Halloween are by no means the only times when your child can wear a tutu.

Figuring out how to casually style your toddler girl in a tutu is easy: just pair it with a comfy top in a matching (or clashing!) color. Sydney So Sweet tutus are comfy and perfect for this kind of casual wear.

2. Dress And Bow

A young girl wears a polka dotted red dress with Minnie Mouse on the front and matching red bows.

Dresses come in all kinds, from super casual to very formal. At our boutique we love cotton dresses that provide lots of stretch and keep up with our little girls on all of their adventures. Our favorite dresses are vibrant in color and covered in unique prints. From unicorns to flowers to text to seasonal sights, we like keeping things exciting for little girls. 

Casual dresses are great on their own, but they’re even better with a hair bow on top. Check out our clip-on hair bows for easy ways to make your child’s outfits that much fancier.

3. Themed Holiday Outfits

A mom and child wear matching St. Patrick’s Day shirts.

When a new season is around the corner or a holiday is fast approaching, the best outfit for your little girl to wear is a seasonal look that celebrates the time of year. Whether she loves dresses or tees n’ shorts, we help you answer the question of how to style your toddler girl for holidays with our extensive holiday collections. We help you celebrate everything from birthdays to spring to fall to 4th of July. Nothing’s cuter than a little girl who shows up to a holiday event in all the colors of the day. Little girls who like the spotlight will have a lot of fun with festive outfits.

Your little girl doesn’t have to celebrate alone. If you, an older sibling or any other adult wants to join in the fun with your child, check out our mommy & me looks.

Spruce Up Your Child’s Closet

A young girl wears a black dress, red plaid leggings and red plaid scarf.

If you’re a fashion lover, you’ll know that a good outfit can make its wearer’s day. The same applies for your child, of course! We hope that our guide helps you figure out how to style your toddler girl on days when you’re in a hurry, your child’s feeling picky, or you’re looking for something that looks extra special.

With the awesome prices at our online boutique, it’s super easy to introduce a few new looks to your little girl’s outfit cycle. With new clothing and accessories coming in all the time, you can stay on top of changes in weather and season with no sweat at all. Every time you shop, your order ships for free, with no minimum charges necessary. Within just 1-2 business days, your package will ship from our location in Ohio. After getting your new clothes, you get 30 days to decide if you want to keep it or not. Our return center offers more details.

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