Women's Bottoms

Trendy Boutique Style Bottoms 

Planning the perfect outfit usually starts with the bottoms first, then next comes the top. Here at Sydney So Sweet, we offer an amazing variety of bottoms. Whether you are looking for comfy joggers or jumpsuits, we are sure to have something that you will LOVE. If you haven't noticed already, we think being comfortable in your clothes is very important. That is why at Sydney So Sweet, we only sell bottoms that are comfortable and flattering on any body. Switch it up with some high-waisted paper bag shorts! Looking for some denim? Try out our high rise cropped jeans that have THE best fit! Within our bottoms, we have a variety of lengths, styles, patterns, & more! Check out our trendy mid-thigh shorts! 

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At Sydney So Sweet, we strongly believe that to look good, you have to feel good. Your clothing plays a big part in that! When you are wanting to keep it casual, but still feel like you put yourself together, try out our high waist corduroy shorts! All of our styles of bottoms can be easily dressed up or dressed down, which is another important factor when building a wardrobe. High waisted tie fronts are a common thing within our bottoms. A tie waist always gives the best room and the ability to tighten. What more could you ask for? Take a look around our bottoms collection to find something that will be the best find for YOU! Happy Shopping!