Black & White Polka Dot 101 Dalmatians Spotted Dog Tutu Skirt Costume for Girls, Women, Plus

Size Guide

Black and White Polka Dot Dalmatian Costume Tutu Skirt

Buy a Dress Up Black and White Polka Dot Tulle Skirt in Kid, Adult, or Plus Size

Our Black & White Polka Dot Tutu Skirt Costume in Girls, Adult, or Plus Size is the perfect starting piece for your 101 Dalmatians costume this season. This popular tutu is just so fun and unique. We are just so in love with all those polka dots!


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Features of our Black & White Polka Dot Costume Tutu Skirt

  • Made from layers of super-soft and fluffy 100% polyester tulle.
  • Wear over leggings, biker shorts, running tights, or other clothes.
  • Satin covered elastic waist for extra comfortable fit.
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry.
  • May be ironed on cool setting to reduce wrinkles and help fluff it up.
  • Please check measurements before ordering to determine proper fit.

Black & White Polka Dot Tutu Measurements & Fit

Please measure waist and hips to determine size. Available in 4 sizes:

  • M (Child Size): Waist measures 16" to 30" fully stretched. Length measures 11-12". Best for children 3-8+ depending on child's size.
  • L (Adult Size): Waist measures 20" to 36" fully stretched. Length measures 15". Best for larger kids, teens, and adults to size 10.
  • XL (Plus Size): Waist measures 28" to 44" fully stretched. Length measures 15". Best for adults size to size to size 14.
  • XXL (Extra Plus Size): Waist Measures 34" to 58" fully stretched. Length measures 15". Best for adults size 18+.