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We ship daily from Ohio! All items are ready to ship!

Meet the Team - Sydney So Sweet (Awesomeness Happens Here)

Meet the Team - Sydney So Sweet (Awesomeness Happens Here)

Meet The Team


Job Title: CEO

AKA: Miss Attitude. The "No Mom" when refusing to take her kids to Sky Zone EVERY weekend. "Mom the Legend" when at Sky Zone with her kids.

Jen is the founder and CEO of Sydney So Sweet. She is responsible for overseeing all operations at Sydney So Sweet. She is also the lead buyer for the company.  Jen and her husband have 5 kids, and live in Ohio.

Fun Fact: Jen has an M.Ed. in science education, and a B.S. in biology. She was a high school chemistry for 16 years before leaving to run Sydney So Sweet full time. 



Job Title: President

AKA: the Pilot

Jay manages the company finances. He is also responsible for all of the heavy lifting, shoveling of snow, assembling of IKEA office furniture, trash removal, reaching of boxes on the top shelf, and anything else we need him to do.

Fun Fact: Jay is also a full time pilot for FedEx Express. He flies the MD11. It is really, really big.


Job Title: Chief Operations Manager (the everything person)

AKA:  Jenna.com & Boss America

Jenna is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Here at Sydney So Sweet, she manages our employees and the office, oversees the marketing and social media, and she is our in-house product expert. 

Fun Fact: Jenna can lick her elbow. Can you? Try it. Tag us on IG if you can do it too, and we will give you $10 off your next order. (We will take the money out of Jenna's next paycheck.)


Job Title: E-Commerce Specialist, Copywriter

AKA: The Intern

Miranda is a student at Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Her duties at Sydney So Sweet include writing product descriptions, maintaining our blog, and customer service.

Fun Fact: Miranda can't ski. If she falls down on skis, it takes her 45 minutes to figure out how to get back up. (Especially when we just video, and laugh, and don't help her.) Update: Miranda's true calling is actually snowboarding. And she isn't too bad at it. ;)


Job Title: Pet Product Brand Rep & Model


Zoey's jobs at Sydney So Sweet include modeling our exclusive line of dog collars, playing fetch in the warehouse, finishing Ava's lunch, and barking at the UPS delivery man.

Fun Fact: Zoey doesn't like pretzels... unless they are dipped in peanut butter... or cheese.


Job Title: Warehouse Manager

AKA: Master Organizer

Sandy manages all things warehouse including item locations, inventory receiving, shipping operations, and organization. (If it weren't for Sandy, we still wouldn't be unpacked from our move to the new distribution center!) 

Fun Fact:  Sandy comes to us with 37 years of experience at the post office, many of which she served as the Postmaster. Before Sydney So Sweet, she worked 3 years at Target, but she quickly discovered you end up spending more than you make when you work there.


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