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10 Books Your Soon-To-Be Kindergartner Needs to Read This Summer

The summer before kindergarten is a bittersweet time. Kids may be feeling a little grown up and excited about starting school with the big kids. Other kids might be a little nervous about being away from home. You can ease this transition by spending time bonding with your soon-to-be kindergartner while reading these kindergarten level books this summer!

List Of Books For The Summer

If you have a hard time getting your kids excited to read, Shanna from Trombetta Tales, says to have a reading party with stuffed animals. Throw her a reading party by inviting all of her favorite stuffed friends. Shanna also states that reading to stuffed animals can actually enhance your child's literacy skills. They make kids feel comfortable and safe. “When children read with stuffed animals they not only increase literary skills, but also reading motivation, imagination and language/ vocabulary acquisition”, Shanna from Trombetta Tales.

Be sure to check out Trombetta Tales blog for more great literacy tips and book recommendations! Also let us know in the comments below what books your kids will be reading this summer!

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Kamileah King
Kamileah King

June 02, 2019

my daughter loves the Amelia Bedelias and Judy Moody books, definitely on our ready lists!

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