5 Occasions to Rock Tutu Skirt Costume Fashion

December 18, 2019 4 min read

5 Occasions to Rock Tutu Skirt Costume Fashion blog graphic

5 Occasions to Rock Tutu Skirt Costume Fashion

There's always an occasion to wear tutu clothing! In fact, tutus don't need an occasion at all. That being said, there are certain events that practically beg for tutu fashion. Sydney So Sweet can help you decide when to let your little girl step out in a fabulous tutu.

Fun-Filled Birthday Parties

When you're little, birthday parties are huge social events. It's even more special when it's your birthday. No matter who's celebrating, all the children who are invited naturally want to dress up in their most stylish threads. Tutu clothing is on-point for birthday parties, whether they take place at home, an aquarium, a park, or an event center.

If your little girl's birthday is coming up, it's worthwhile to pick out a brand new tutu for her to wear as she blows out the candles, unwraps her presents, and has a ball with her friends. The same holds true for any parties where she's an invited guest. As soon as that invitation comes through the mail, it's time to help her choose a new tutu for the occasion.

You have all sorts of options here. If the birthday party has a theme, for example, then you can help your child select a tutu that matches it. Alternately, she can pick out her favorite color or design. Think about choosing a tutu as a present, too. Maybe your kiddo can get a tutu for the birthday girl or boy so that the two of them will match!

Festive Holiday Events

Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve—there are dozens of special occasions and holidays that practically demand a bit of tutu fashion. Most parents want their little darlings to dress up for such occasions. You go to great pains to find the perfect outfit. For little girls, that usually takes the form of a dress. Instead of looking for velvet and frills, why not give your wee one a chance to shine in a fabulous tutu that fits the occasion?

Halloween is a given, of course, but many tutus are formal enough to be perfect for the winter holidays, as well. At Christmas, your princess can dress as an elf in a red or green tutu. Come New Year's Eve, she can ring in the new year with a festive bit of tulle that celebrates the season. She'll be a gorgeous little vision, but she'll be wearing something she loves that gives her the freedom to run around and play as much as she wants.

Frankly, there's no reason she can't celebrate every big holiday in a tutu if that's her preference. After all, Sydney So Sweet has tutus for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and even the Fourth of July. Maybe a tutu will become your little girl's signature look.

School Picture Day

Parents always want their kids to look spectacular for pictures. Sometimes, that involves dressing the kiddos in fancy, formal outfits that they don't necessarily enjoy wearing. Whether your little girl is having a solo picture taken or posing for a class photo, consider allowing her to wear tutu clothing for the occasion. Her smile will shine bright when she gets to wear something she loves. Find a top that matches her new tutu, along with cute shoes and a pair of leggings or tights to slip on beneath her tulle skirt. Voila! Now she has a complete outfit for picture day.

Fantastic Family Vacations

Do you have an exciting vacation planned for the family? Make sure you pack a few tutus for your princess. No matter where you're going with the family, we can guarantee that your little girl will love having the opportunity to show off her tutu fashion.

Thanks to our wide selection of Disney-themed tutus, you're spoiled for choice if you're taking the kids to the Happiest Place on Earth. Your daughter can dress up as a character from her favorite movie, whether she loves The Little Mermaid or Frozen.

She's all set for a trip to grandma's house or another hot spot, too. Just include a few tutus so that she can flounce around while the family has a sightseeing adventure or a fun dinner out on the town. She's guaranteed to be the center of attention.

Dress-Up Days with Friends

Tutu clothing is ideal for dress-up days, as well. Anytime your little girl has her friends over to the house or schedules a play date with someone else, she can bring along a big bunch of tutus to share with her pals. They can spend the entire day pretending to be princesses, pixies, or precious fairies, spreading mischief and mayhem wherever they flit.

Because we offer tutu clothing for kids and adults, you can always feel free to snag a tutu or two to match your daughter. Why not treat your little girl to a new tutu from Sydney So Sweet today?

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