Quiet Summer Days: 5 At-Home Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love

August 04, 2020 3 min read

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Quiet Summer Days: 5 At-Home Summer Activities Your Kids Will Love

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has swept our nation, many parents are choosing to keep their kids at home. If you’re a parent that’s going a little crazy with your little ones in the house all summer long, Sydney So Sweet can provide you some ideas to keep them occupied — along with the perfect outfits for them to wear on their summer adventures. Explore our ideas here to find five summer activities your kids will love as well as our favorite kids summer outfits.

1. Backyard Camping

If you have a backyard in your home or balcony in your apartment, backyard camping is a classic choice. You can choose to send your kids out alone or spend the day with them in a tent playing card games or watching movies. Simply set up a tent or make one out of sticks and blankets.

We recommend dressing your little ones in comfortable clothing that can withstand outdoor adventures and a little extra heat. Our Farm Fresh collection provides you with plenty of kids summer outfit options for lounging around outside including khaki shorts, rompers, and capris.

2. Arts & Crafts

Coming up with simple crafts that help your little gal feel creative and accomplished is no easy feat! At Sydney So Sweet, we love combining heat with creativity to ensure a fun time for all with melted crayon crafts. All you need are some crayons, a baking sheet, and wax paper and your little one can finger paint with a whole new twist.

Since this can get a little messy, you don't want her to wear her favorite summer clothes. We recommend pieces from our shorts collection because we always have sets in bright colors and fun patterns! Tie dye is also a popular, nostalgic throwback that parents can’t resist when it comes to kids summer fashion.

3. Put On A Show

Whether it’s a musical concert with makeshift instruments or a circus act with bubbles and ribbons, have your kids put on their very own production. Planning should take all day and a performance at night will give you a much needed break from work. Give them a standing ovation to encourage them to keep on creating!

Basic kids summer outfits aren’t the first choice you should make here. If they’re putting on a performance, you want your little ones dressed in real costumes befitting their production. Explore our tutu skirts and costumes as well as our sisters’ sets to find the perfect getup!

4. Baking with Mom (or Dad)

Baking with parents provides a lot of opportunities for bonding, learning new life skills, and cooking up the perfect summer treat. Who doesn’t love a sweet apple tart dessert or a homemade banana ice cream to relieve that summer heat? Find a simple recipe that’s easy for kids to participate in for a delicious day!

Does your favorite baking outfit include an apron? Well, it definitely should! If you want to protect your kid’s summer outfit and keep them clean, an apron is a must for your kids too. Make sure everyone’s comfy and can move around in their comfy lounge sets underneath those aprons.

4. Squirt Gun Battle

A water battle is the perfect way to cool down from the heat and help your kids expend a little bit of extra energy. From squirt and water guns to water balloons, there are tons of ways you can compete to be a winner.

We recommend you stay away from denim and jean shorts for this activity. Heavy fabrics can get waterlogged and start chafing right away. Opt for quick drying fabrics for this activity, like cotton or linen. Now your little ones are rocking their kids summer fashion and staying comfortable no matter what.

With these ideas for activities and kids summer outfits, summer will fly by! Shop Sydney So Sweet to find your favorite new looks for little ones all year round!

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