Top 5 Running Costumes & Tutus to Wear to a Disney Race

Top 5 Running Costumes to Wear to Any Disney Marathon

November 19, 2018 2 min read

Top 5 Running Costumes to Wear to Any Disney Marathon

Top Running Costumes for Disney Marathons or Any Race or Run

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which race day costume is the cutest of them all? It is impossible to pick! The 2019 Disney Marathon, 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon, and the Star Wars Half Marathon are quickly approaching. Which Disney character will you be dressing up as? Here are our Top 5 Costume Ideas for any Disney Marathon or race!

1. Elsa & Anna - Frozen

Are you planning to run the Disney Marathon with your sister or bff? Dress up as Elsa and Anna! When running a half marathon, the most important thing to keep in mind is comfort. The only thing worse than running a marathon is running a marathon in an uncomfortable outfit! This Elsa and Anna outfit is easy to recreate. The only items you need are a running skirt, white long sleeve running shirt, and a tiara

Elsa & Anna Disney Running skirts costumes for Disney run, race, or marathon

2. 101 Dalmatians

The 101 Dalmatians is the perfect costume if you are planning to run the Disney Marathon with a group. This is another easy running costume to recreate! 

101 Dalmatians tutu running costume for Disney marathons

3. The Incredibles

Is your whole family running the Disney Marathon this year? Dress up as the Incredibles! You will need a red sequin running skirt, a black eye mask, and a red tank top. 

Incredibles super hero running costume with sparkle running tutu

4. Monsters, Inc.

Are you a Monsters Inc. fan? It would be so cute to dress up as Sully, Mike, and Boo for a Disney Marathon! 

Sully from Monsters Inc Tutu running skirt costume for race, 5K, or marathon

5. Minnie Mouse

Last but not least, Minnie Mouse! The most iconic costume for any run Disney race. This is also the EASIEST to recreate! All you need is a Minnie mouse running skirt and a pair of Minnie mouse ears. 

Minnie Mouse womens or girls running costume tutu skirt with headband


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