Take Me Out To a Ball Game - Baseball Season in Sydney So Sweet Style

November 14, 2018 2 min read

Take Me Out To a Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game in Sydney So Sweet

The Major League Baseball playoff season is HERE! Professional baseball games can be a lot of fun for the whole family, if you plan ahead! Find some GREAT tips for taking young kids to a game and how to save some money on tickets and in the ballpark.

And did you see our Baby Baseball Rompers on TLC's new show, "Sweet Home Sextuplets" in episode 4?! If you missed the episode and want to see a cute clip of the 6 kids in the outfits, you can watch it here. Or click the picture to shop the looks below!

Sweet Home Sextuplets wearing Sydney So Sweet baseball rompers for boys and girls


  •  Tickets: There will usually be a family night that sometimes includes a food deal with hot dogs or some kind of snack. 
  • Seat Location: Pay attention to where the seats are located in reference to the jumbo-tron.  Most kids like to watch it throughout the game. 
  • Team Spirit:  Show your team spirit and wear team apparel or take a homemade sign.  Team spirit increases your chance of being on the big screen or TV and kids love that!
  • Concessions: Concessions are expensive.  If you want to save some $$ eat before you go to the game and bring a few snacks with you.  Check the stadium website to see what is allowed in and be aware of what is not allowed inside.
  • Kid’s Day/Night:  Most teams have a day designated for kids and families. It is normally advertised with the team schedule and will include fun activities before and after the game.  Get to the stadium a little early and play the games…most of the time there are some great prizes!  

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