Easter Basket Stuffer Guide

March 15, 2022 3 min read

Easter Basket Stuffer Guide

Easter Basket Stuffer Guide

One of the best things to come around during the spring season is Easter! Going on Easter egg hunts, spending time with family, or having a nice meal are just some of the things that make Easter so special. Another aspect, maybe the most fun, are the Easter baskets! 

Figuring out the best and most fun things to put your little one's Easter baskets can be overwhelming, but we've come up with a guide to help out! It is also something special for all the hardworking Easter bunny moms out there. Whether this is your first time doing it or you've done this before, we're here to help. Follow along for our guide to the best Easter basket for your little babes.  

1. Let's get some shoes!

Whether you like to give actual gifts to your little bunnies on Easter is up to you. Sometimes it can be fun pulling out a new cute outfit for Easter or in this case, a cute new pair of shoes! Our collection of new sandals and slip-on shoes is bursting with all of the adorable spring colors. Find her favorite color shoe and add a cute pair to her Easter basket to start off spring right! Check out our collection of adorable shoes here. 

2. Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

The one thing that the Easter bunny truly knows is that all great things come in pink and white packages ;). Another adorable idea for your little one's basket is to include a new Easter outfit! Make her/his Easter outfit more fun and include it in their basket. I love this idea for multiple reasons. 1. Getting new clothes is always fun, especially if it comes from the Easter bunny. 2. Perhaps my stubborn kiddos will have more fun wearing an Easter outfit if it came from their Easter basket! We have so many styles that are great for egg hunts, church, family time and more. Shop all Easter styles here

3. Tutu for you!

If you didn't know, we have about every color and print of tutus that you or your little one could ever need. This year, spice things up and fill her basket will a new accessory. Tutus are so fun for young girls and getting one from the Easter bunny could be so special! Her dress-up collection will be bursting with fun! From princess tutus to sequin heart tutus, we've got something your little bunny will love. Shop the princess tutu collection or the rest of our tutu collection here

4. Blankets, baby!

I don't know about your little one but when I was little, I always carried around my blanket. This year, add a blanket into their basket! It will be extra special since it came from the Easter bunny. Plus, when they carry it or use it, they will always think of their special morning, opening up their basket. All of our blankets are so pretty and soft! You will want one for yourself! Check them out here

I hope that you got some inspiration from our ideas. Easter can be so fun for little kids, especially if they get something they may not usually get! Change things up this year and add their favorite outfit to their baskets or a cute new pair of shoes. We hope that you have a wonderful time watching your little bunnies open their baskets. Such special times! You can start shopping for all of your Easter outfit needs here

Happy Easter from your Sydney So Sweet Family! 

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