Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Refresh

March 20, 2022 2 min read

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Refresh

Spring Cleaning: Wardrobe Refresh with Sydney So Sweet 

Ahhh, can you smell the fresh air? It is finally almost that time again where the birds are singing and the sun is out! Is your little one's closet prepared for those nicer weather days? Whether you've started to shop for spring or if you haven't even thought about it, follow along for our best wardrobe refresh tips and tricks. 

Wardrobe Refresh

First of all, one of the first and most important steps is to see what she already has. Can anything be worn into the spring and summer? If so, keep it in her closet! If not, either put it away for next winter or give it to your friends/goodwill if she's outgrown it. 

Another important concept to think about is practicality. Typically, in the warmer months, kids are playing outside and getting dirty faster. It's important to keep and/or get some items that she can be comfortable playing in and getting dirty. It is inevitable so make sure she has enough! Take a look at our shorts & capris collection here. There you will find an abundant amount of shorts outfits, tshirts, and capri sets that are all perfect for warmer weather and playing outside! 

One of my favorite things to keep in her closet are solids! When she's playing outside and running around, you can never have enough tops that can just match anything! Luckily for you, a lot of our outfits are great for mixing and matching! Stock up on some outfits that are easily paired with a comfy pair of shorts or leggings. Check out our spring collection here

One thing to make sure to check is her swimsuit collection. Has she outgrown any? Does she have any new favorite colors or interests? Making sure she has the necessities for playing in the pool or sprinkler is very important! This season we have so many different styles and prints that she can choose from! We even have suits so you can match, mama! Shop mommy and me swim here. Stock up on all of your favorite styles and colors now! Check out the entire swim collection here.

Lastly, having the appropriate footwear for the spring is essential! How else can she match her cute dress?? Break those toes out with some of our adorable new sandals! This season we brought in so many fun colors and shoe styles for you guys, she will be so stylish! If she needs some sandals or some shoes for running in, our footwear collection has something for every little one. 

Spring cleaning can sometimes be stressful, but it can also be so fun! Throw on some music, open up some windows and try to enjoy the process! Warmer weather is coming, friends! 

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