Halloween at Home: Ideas For an Unforgettable Spooky Holiday

September 16, 2020 3 min read

Ideas For an Unforgettable Spooky Holiday

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This Halloween is a little bit different than most. With some people choosing to stay at home and many activities canceled, how do you preserve the magic of the holiday for your little ones? At Sydney So Sweet, we have tons of ideas to create an unforgettably spooky Halloween. From unique girl’s Halloween outfits to ultra special decorations, read our blog for ideas to get your kids in the holiday spirit.

1, Trick or Treat at Home

If you want to keep it all in the family, you can trick or treat at home with a trick or treat scavenger hunt. Blend Easter with Halloween when you buy your kid’s favorite candy and hide it all over the house and the yard. Write out haunted hints to help your little ones figure out where all the best treats are hidden.

Start your scavenger hunt after sundown to preserve that spooky feeling. With your girls in Halloween outfits, they’ll have a blast searching all the nooks and crannies of your home.

2. Spooky Decor

Because you’re not heading house to house to trick or treat, you might want to bring Halloween decorations inside the home to keep your kids enthusiastic about the holiday. Carved pumpkins in the corners are the perfect accent to their little girls Halloween costumes. Some of our other favorite ideas also include:
  • Cardboard Skeletons
  • Hanging Bats
  • Pillow Scarecrows
  • Fuzzy Spiders
  • Hanging Sheets as Ghosts
  • Purple, Orange, & Black Streamers
  • Turn Window Sticks Inwards

Making some of these decorations interactive surprises by hiding them in food boxes or on top of closed doors is the perfect way to get a scream or a giggle!

3. Homemade Snacks

When your kids come home from school or get off their Zoom class meeting, you can have tons of themed snacks ready to go. Encourage your kids to put on their girls Halloween outfits and bring out the spooky snacks. Some unique and exciting homemade Halloween snacks could include:

  • White chocolate covered ghost strawberries with piped chocolate faces
  • Pastry wrapped weenies with ketchup and mustard eyes to make mummies
  • Gingerbread cookies piped with skeleton bodies
  • Orange and purple Jell-O in syringes
  • Celery and carrot witches fingers with peanut butter nails

Keep your snacks healthy when you use round fruits to create scary monster faces with nuts, seeds, and berries as teeth and eyes.

4. Social Distance Trick or Treat

You want to help your kids interact with their friends safely during Halloween, but you’re not sure what to do. One of our favorite ideas is to pre-package Halloween candy in party bags and hang them from the roof of your house. Kids can come by and grab a bag, say hello, and show off their girls Halloween outfits without touching anyone or anything else.

5. Themed Girl’s Halloween Outfits

Little girl’s Halloween costumes can be so much fun to create. If you want to keep it in theme with this year, honor all the heroes working through COVID by dressing your kids up as doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store workers, postal workers, and fire response team members. We’re sure there will still be requests for ballerinas and astronauts, but kids can surprise you when they see and appreciate all those who are putting their lives on the line during such a difficult time.

6. Movie Marathon

You can keep your night quiet with a haunted movie marathon. Everyone in the family can dress up as a character from their favorite movie and you can snack on Halloween themed kettle corn in front of the TV.

Create your movie list in advance, so everyone can include their choice and you can find all the pieces you need for the different costumes everyone wants to wear. Some fun, kids-appropriate Halloween movies that could be fan favorites for kids of all ages include Goosebumps, Monster House, The Dog Who Saved Halloween, Hocus Pocus, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Sydney So Sweet wants to help you preserve the magic of the holidays no matter what’s happening in the world. We’re here as your resource for unique ideas, specialty accessories, and girls Halloween outfits that everyone can get excited about. Explore our blog for more holiday help or shop our store to find costumes, clothing, and more!

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