Curating a Dress Up Closet for Your Kids

September 09, 2020 3 min read

Curating a Dress Up Closet for Your Kids

Letting your kids play dress-up is a great way to encourage them to develop their imagination, play well with others, and practice their social skills. At Sydney So Sweet, we believe that playing pretend is a unique opportunity for kids that should never be stifled. While you don’t need to buy the most expensive outfits and costumes for your little one, you can still curate a great kids’ dress-up closet by focusing on some of their favorite pretend storylines. Here are some of our favorite ideas that we think belong in every little girl’s dress-up closet.

1. Warrior Woman

With so many movies and television shows focusing on powerful women who take charge, it’s no surprise that many little girls idolize the skills of Wonder Woman, Mulan, and Raya. You shouldn’t have to get an entire outfit for each character in your kid’s dress-up closet, but you can get some of the basics that work for all of them. Whether it’s the right skirt or a cape in the perfect color, your little one can throw on one piece from their favorite character’s outfit and let their imagination do the rest!

2. Master Chef

Cooking and baking are now more than just essential domestic arts — these jobs have been elevated to star status by the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Your little one can also participate in the creation of an amazing meal when they dress up as their idols to play pretend. While the outfit is simple — a white coat and pants — your kid’s dress-up closet should include the accessories they need to play this pretend role. Plastic food and a fake stovetop make playtime a lot more real, but they can also use some of the actual cooking utensils from your kitchen including spatulas, tongs, and plastic serving spoons.

3. Local Heroes

There has been a lot of attention recently on local heroes who are still working during this difficult time. If your kids are showing interest in nurses, doctors, postal workers, police officers, waste disposal drivers, or even servers, it’s time to add something along these lines to your little girl’s dress-up closet. Not only does it allow them to pretend they’re doing a job they might pursue in the future, but it also reinforces the respect and appreciation your kids should have for people who are still out there working hard and doing essential jobs.

4. Princess Heaven

Dressing up as a princess is one thing that nearly every parent anticipates their child would love. With so many fairy stories and Disney movies, it’s easy for every little girl to find a princess that she really identifies with. While your child’s favorite princess may change over time, you can mix and match different tutus and tops to mimic a variety of outfits for your kid’s dress-up closet.

5. Animal Kingdom

You don’t have to buy a mask or animal romper for your little one to dress up like their preferred animal! With just a hood and some glovesfrom Sydney So Sweet, you can find unique interpretations of everything from pandas and bumblebees to flamingos and zebras. Many of our costumes are even available with tails, ear headbands, and matching tutus.

Play Time All the Time

Being stuck at home can make your child a little stir crazy, but providing them with a constant source of entertainment — like dress-up outfits for their closet — can keep them busy for hours. Curate your kid’s dress-up closet with help from Sydney So Sweet today!

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