Happy at Home: Comfy Kid Outfits They'll Love to Play In

May 19, 2020 3 min read

Happy at Home: Comfy Kid Outfits They'll Love to Play In graphic

Happy at Home: Comfy Kid Outfits They'll Love to Play In

Your child's play clothing should be long-lasting but still cute as heck. Play clothes don't have to be relegated to old pieces and hand-me-downs. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for practical but playful pieces that will allow your little one to frolic and have fun. Jeans, leggings, hoodies – there are all sorts of options, especially when you shop for comfortable clothes for kids at Sydney So Sweet!

Jeans Shorts and Tops: A Classic Combo

Days at home require child play clothing that's durable and practical but still cute as can be. You can't beat jean shorts and an adorable top. It's a classic combination for a reason – because it works. In denim shorts and a pretty shirt, your kiddo is ready to play all day at home, but she's also ready to head to the grocery store or the park at a moment's notice. Just so you know, that applies to jeans, too, not only shorts. Don't try to deny the dynamic quality of denim!

Tie-Dye To-Die-For

There's something about tie-dye that's fun and happy. Your child will capture that spirit when he or she gets to wear tie-dye all day every day. If your kiddo enjoys playing pretend, then you can look forward to some groovy days at your house. Prepare for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius with an array of technicolor comfortable kids' clothes!

Find colorful tops for boys and girls. Every day will feel like summer no matter what the season is. You can kit out your child in a true-blue hippy style. For an authentic '60s experience, make sure you equip your fashionable flower child with matching tie-dye shorts, some peace sign accessories, and maybe a flower crown or two.

Unicorn Magic for Magical Play Times

When you pick out your child's play clothing, you want to make sure that you choose items that are comfy and functional for playing, true. However, you also want to select outfits that ignite your little one's imagination. Sometimes, an inventive, eye-catching outfit is all your child needs to launch off into the magical world of make-believe.

For little girls, you can bring the magic with unicorn-themed ensembles. There's nothing more majestic than unicorns. The mythical unicorn is one creature that will jump-start your little girl's creativity. As soon as she puts on a unicorn top, she'll be off like a whirlwind, coming up with new worlds and storylines. Then again, maybe she'll run and frolic through the backyard like she's a unicorn, too! If you really want to tickle her fancy, surprise her with a tutu skirt that matches her magical outfit.

Over-the-Moon for Overalls

Buying comfortable clothes for kids involves picking out pieces that will last a while. You want something that can stand up to your little one's rough and tumble lifestyle. Take a tip from Sydney So Sweet and make sure you snag at least one pair of overalls.

Whether they're long bibs or short overalls, they'll definitely get the job done. Overalls are versatile, too. Your child can wear them with long sleeve tops, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, and more. Even better, those pants will stay in place through every cartwheel and trip down the slide. Your kiddo can play all day without a care.

Love for Leggings

Your child's play clothing collection better include some leggings, mama. Leggings and comfy tops are the cutest, but they're also functional and practical. Leggings will give your little girl the freedom of movement she needs to play Red Light, Green Light or hopscotch with her pals. She can run, jump, and play on the swings without restriction. A matching top ensures that she's also polished and precious enough for a trip to the library or an ice cream run.

Let's Hear It for Hoodies

Hoodies are easily among the most comfortable clothes for kids. They're cool and cozy, but they don't get in the way. Your child can wear a hoodie nearly any time of the year, as well. If it's chilly in the morning, then a hoodie will keep your kiddo warm without causing him or her to overheat. Hoodies also go with practically everything, from shorts to jeans. Find out if your child prefers pullovers or zip-up hoodies, then snag some jeans, shorts, and leggings to accompany the must-have item.

Discover an array of play clothes for your child at Sydney So Sweet. We have plenty of accessories and footwear on offer, as well. Shoot us a text to earn 15% off of your first order from us!

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