Our Coast-to-Coast Guide to Outdoor Birthday Parties

March 06, 2020 4 min read

Our Coast-to-Coast Guide to Outdoor Birthday Parties blog graphic

Our Coast-to-Coast Guide to Outdoor Birthday Parties

Choosing a birthday outfit for your kid is always fun for the parents, but the type of party you throw will impact the clothing that your child wears to his or her birthday bash. An outdoor party, for example, calls for an entirely different wardrobe than an indoor party. Sydney So Sweet has a stellar list of helpful tips to assist you in planning an outdoor birthday party no matter where you live. Whether you’re on the East Coast or the West Coast, here’s how to plan a birthday party outside, from picking out a birthday outfit for your toddler girl to deciding which games to play.

Come Up with a Spectacular Theme

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Every birthday party needs a theme! Choosing the theme allows you to pick out cohesive, complementary decorations that will heighten the feel of the entire party. The theme can also inform your decision as you select an appropriate birthday outfit for your kid. If the theme is dinosaurs or unicorns, for example, then you can dress the birthday boy or girl in a T-Rex-themed T-shirt or a sparkly unicorn headband.

Of course, you might want to take it even farther, especially if you decide to go the costume party route. We’ll talk more about that in a minute. For now, just know that the theme should be your first priority. Talk it over with your child. If he or she is old enough, then they will definitely want to have a say in the theme. After all, it’s your kiddo’s big day!

Make sure that you mention the theme on the invitations, too, or tell the other parents about it before the party. That way, every child who attends will have the opportunity to put together an on-theme outfit, as well.

Plan an Outdoor-Friendly Menu

Besides the birthday cake, what kind of food do you intend to serve? You have to think about the location. For a birthday party that takes place outdoors, you don’t necessarily want to host a full-course meal. Some foods simply aren’t conducive to eating outside, either because they’re messy or because of outdoor influences, such as bugs and hot temperatures. The last thing you want to do is battle ants and flies. You also don’t want to see your toddler girl get her birthday outfit dirty.

In addition to considering your child’s age and overall palate, you also need to think about the guests, specifically the average age of the guests. It might be easier to serve simple foods that kids love, such as hamburgers and hot dogs. If the season and the weather allow it, then you can serve up picnic food. Otherwise, you might want to think about offering an effortless meal. Might we suggest ordering pizza?

In the end, it’s up to you. Just consider the weather, the location, and the average age of the guest list. You want something that’s delicious, easy to eat, and kid-friendly!

Schedule Games to Keep the Kids Entertained

A fun birthday party is only as good as the games that the kids play. You can’t plan a birthday party without games. There are endless options depending on the age and preferences of the birthday girl or boy. Because the party is outside, you don’t have to worry about board games or anything too complicated, although Twister might be fun.

Once again, the games you decide to play may depend on the dress code. For games that encourage romping and running, such as Red Light, Green Light, tag, or even Twister, you need comfortable birthday outfits for the kids. Jeans and cute tees are perfect, as are shorts and tank tops or rompers.

However, for something calm like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or similar games, then you can confidently and safely dress the birthday girl in a lovely dress. You might just want to keep it casual and lightweight. Accidents happen, after all, and you don’t want your little one to get grass stains on a new dress.

Choose a Dress Code

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Not everyone wants to instill a dress code for a birthday party. That’s fine! You can simply buy your toddler girl a birthday outfit and be done with it. Then again, if your little girl or boy is in a laid-back ensemble or something a bit fancy, you don’t want the other kids to show up in the complete opposite. Let the parents of your child’s friends know the general dress code well beforehand so that they have time to choose an outfit for their children, too.

Consider a Costume Party

This tip is in line with picking a theme but planning a costume party is distinctly different. A costume party means an extraordinary birthday outfit for your kid, as well as all the guests who RSVP. You can always tie-in the theme, though. For example, if you throw your child a Disney-themed party, then all of the guests can dress as their favorite characters. With a more general costume theme, the kids can go crazy. Another option is to provide hats, headbands, or other props.

Put Together Fun-Filled Goodie Bags

Even though the birthday boy or girl gets all of the presents, it’s always a good idea to put together gift bags for the guests to take home. No one feels left out that way, plus your child’s friends will have souvenirs from the party.

Include some candy, a noisemaker, and a birthday hat for a classic goodie bag. To make something one-of-a-kind, pack the bag with unique items, such as fun costume jewelry for the girls and sunglasses for the boys.

Discover the sweetest birthday outfits for kids at Sydney So Sweet. We can help you find festive ensembles for outdoor birthdays and parties that take place inside. Check out our selection, and sign up for our newsletter to get a special deal!

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