Mom And Me Matching Outfits That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving Dinner

September 13, 2022 4 min read

Mom And Me Matching Outfits That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving Dinner

Mom And Me Matching Outfits That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving Dinner

Written By: Katie Pierce

Are you wondering what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner? This year, why not show the world how grateful you are for your tiny tot by wearing a mom-and-me set? Even if you aren’t fashion-forward, you can’t deny that mom-and-me outfits are the cutest. Not only are they undeniably adorable, but they’re also a symbol of the bond you share with your child. 

Below, we’ve put together a few of the cutest mom-and-me outfits you can try this Thanksgiving. By going matchy-matchy, you and your baby girl will be the cutest pair at the table! 

Floral Flair

Mom & Me Floral Midi Matching Dresses

Florals tend to be popular in the spring, but they’re perfect for the fall, too.  Floral dresses add a feminine flair to any outfit, and when children wear them, they’ll look absolutely adorable! Your ensembles can be exactly the same, but if you’d rather not be completely coordinated, pair your dresses with different shoes, accessories, etc. For example, you can wear your dress with wide-calf boots and a cardigan, while your daughter can wear hers with tights and cowboy boots. 

Be sure to wear a dress in seasonal colors such as orange, red, and brown. In addition, opt for long-sleeved dresses as these are more suitable for the season (short-sleeved dresses are more appropriate for the spring and summer). 

Color Blocks

Mom & Me Colorblock Matching Hoodie Sweatshirt

If you’re a fashion-forward mom, you and your mini-me can try the  color-blocking trend. Color-blocking takes two or more contrasting colors to make a single ensemble. The secret to color-blocking is choosing colors that are beside or across from each other on the color wheel. You can go all-out, but if you’re new to color-blocking, stick to foolproof fall combinations such as red and yellow.

Your mom-and-me ensemble doesn’t need to be 100% coordinated. Switch things up — for instance, you can pair a blue top with yellow pants, while your daughter can wear yellow pants with a blue top. 

Plaid Party

When it comes to fall outfits, you can’t go wrong with plaid. As a go-to pattern for the fall, plaid is extremely easy to style. For example, you can go casual and pair it with pants, or wear an oversized  plaid shirt as a dress. Or, if you want it to be a bit grungier, wear it with a leather jacket. Plaid goes witheverything, so you won’t have to worry about committing a fashion crime. 

For your mini-me, it’s best to have her wear a plaid baby doll dress, which can then be paired with tights and boots. If you don’t like the matchy-matchy look, let your mini-me wear a plaid dress while you wear plaid pants. 

Statement Tees

Mom & Me Fall Bonfires Matching Graphic Tee

When else can you and your mini-me wear matching tees with corny lines such as, “don’t stop be-leafing” or “you’re the apple to my pie”? You can’t wear statement tees such as these during any other season — otherwise, you’dliterally be so last season — so take the opportunity to wear them during the fall! Besides, what better way to be on theme than to wear a Thanksgiving-themed tee to a Thanksgiving dinner? 

Play around with fall puns to create the funniest mom-and-me set, or stick to something simple, such as  thankful t-shirts. Remember to be careful when buying statement tees, as some of them aren’t exactly appropriate for children. For example, you wouldn’t let your mini-me wear a tee that says, “fall is my favorite f-word,” would you? 

Fancy Fits

Going to a fancy Thanksgiving dinner? Go for something as fancy as the occasion, such as a  cocktail dress for mom, and a sparkly dress for your mini-me. If you can’t find a cocktail party-worthy dress for your child (options tend to be limited, especially for toddlers), you can put her in a  princess tutu and then pair that with a plain top. 

Don’t forget to  add some accessories to complete your fits — you may want to wear gold accessories that go with the warmth of the season. If your cocktail dress is alreadyvery sparkly (e.g. it’s covered in sequins), pair it with subtle accessories so it doesn’t look too busy. Your mini-me, on the other hand, can don a gem-encrusted headband, or wear bows and ribbons in her hair.  The key is to keep your accessories age-appropriate. 

Casual Coordinates

Mom & Me Matching Star Lounge Sets

You don’t always need to show up in a dress. If no one but your immediate family will be at the Thanksgiving dinner, you can wear a cute and comfy combo like a green or orange tee (it’s best to go for fall colors) paired with pants. Plan a mom-and-me outfit from pieces that you already own. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be completely match-matchy — you could, for instance, wear button-down shirts of a similar shade. 

Or, if you want to be as comfy as possible, you and your mini-me can wear a  loungewear set or soft sweaters. This is ideal for cold days when all you want is to feel warm. The best part about this is you don’t need to put a lot of effort into dressing up for your dinner. 

Mom-and-Me Tees

Mom & Me Matching Plaid Pumpkins

You may be familiar with couple shirts (you know, the ones where the guy’s shirt says “I’m with her” and the girl’s shirt says “I’m with him”), but have you heard of mom-and-me shirts? They’re similar to statement tees, but the words or symbols written on them are about the wearers (e.g. “mommy” and “mini”). They can also complete each other — for example, shirts that each contain half of a heart. 

Most mom-and-me tees can be worn year-round, but you can also find fall-themed tees like this  pumpkin t-shirt set. If you can’t find shirts that best describe your relationship with your daughter, you can have your shirts custom-made. That way, you can create something truly special for the two of you.

Wrapping Up

Mom & Me Matching Fall Sweaters

This Thanksgiving, take the time to coordinate outfits with your child. By doing so, you’ll be able to make memories, and as a bonus, be the best-dressed pair at your dinner. Remember that children grow up fast and soon, your baby girl will no longer want to play dress-up with you, so bond as much as you can while you can! 

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