October 12, 2019 7 min read 11 Comments

Are you planning your daughter’s homemade Halloween Costume for this year? Looking for a fun idea for DIY Halloween costume without the hassle of sewing? Look no further! Sydney So Sweet has put together 17 of our favorite no sew Halloween costumes for 2019. We have some of the simplest, yet most creative DIY costumes for toddlers, girls, and even adults. If you are searching for easy, no sew Halloween costumes for girls, or DIY costumes for girls, teens, and adults, you have come to the right place! 

Our Top 17 Easy No Sew DIY Halloween Costumes

We've done most of the work for you with our cute Halloween Costume Sets. Read to see how easy Halloween can be this year.

1. Dalmatian Costume

Grab 100 of your closest friends and dress up as one of our Disney favorites - 101 Dalmatians. This costume was so fun and easy to make. It only takes a few simple steps. First make quick trip to Target for some black leggings, a white t-shirt, 1 piece of black felt, and some black and white face paint. You will also need a Dalmatian tutu costume set from Sydney So Sweet. Cut out some spots and tape or glue them to the shirt. (We chose tape so that we can reuse the shirt later!) Paint a few spots on her face, get dressed, and she is ready to take on Cruella Deville!

supplies to make your own dalmatian costume DIY dalmatian costume shirt DIY dalmatian costume face paint on little girl

dalmatian tutu costume by Sydney So Sweet

2. Minnie Mouse Costume

This might be our favorite! You only need some black or white leggings and a t-shirt, and a Minnie Mouse tutu costume set from Sydney So Sweet in either red or pink. Add a cute little black nose to give this costume that extra special touch. It's the only thing you have to do! And here is the best part... this costume comes in toddler, teen, adult, and even plus size! How about a mommy and me Minnie Mouse pair this year! (Please send us a picture of your mom and me Minnie pair in our tutus and we will give you a gift card to our store!)

Smiling girl wearing red polka dot Minnie Mouse tutu and headband.

3. 80's Diva Costume

A classic and recognizable look, our 80's costume sets come with everything you need to recreate the Cyndi Lauper or Madonna material girl look! Set includes a tutu, leg warmers, fishnet gloves, and beaded necklace in your choice of classic neon colors. Choose neon pink, neon orange, neon green, neon blue, or neon purple. Just add a t-shirt and a cute feather hair clip, and you are set. (This one also comes in adult and plus sizes!) Totally rad, right?

Bright pink tutu, legwarmers, necklace, leggings, and tank top. School age girl wearing hot pink tutu.

4. Bee Costume

Everyone will be buzzing over this costume! This busy bee costume kit includes the tutu and bee headband. Make it your style by adding a t-shirt and leggings, and some cute black shoes or boots. Available in toddler/kid, adult, plus, and extra plus!

Little girl outdoors wearing bumblebee themed tutu and headband. Blonde girl wearing black & yellow bee tutu costume is smelling a flower.

5. Ladybug Costume

And if your buzzy little bee needs an insect friend, check out this ladybug outfit! Another timeless classic, the ladybug costume kit includes a tutu and headband. How easy would this be? Just add some black leggings and a t-shirt. Comes in adult, plus, and extra plus sizes too!

Little girl in ladybug themed tutu costume smelling flowers. 

6. Panda Costume

This one is my daughter's favorite! Everyone loves a cuddly panda. And the costume is super simple to put together. We found a white tank top and some face paint at Target. (Or use a white t-shirt that you already have!) Paint 2 black eyes first, and then outline them with white. We used a q-tip to outline first. Then throw on some leggings, a t-shirt, and some boots, and she is ready for Sydney So Sweet's panda tutu costume kit. The kit includes the black tutu, ears headband, and a cute little tail. We used a safety pin to attach the tail to the waistband of the tutu. This one come in adult and plus sizes too!

Girl wearing panda makeup and black and white tutu costume set.

7. Elephant Costume

This is one of our most popular costume kits, and I think you can see why! You could even add a cute little hat and clown collar for the most adorable Dumbo costume ever! This elephant costume set includes a gray tutu, huge floppy ears headband, and and elephant tail. We paired it with a tank top (it was hot today!), but I think this might look cool with a gray hoodie as well! This one comes in toddler/girl, adult, plus, and extra plus sizes too. Our model, Sydney, is 12 years old and wears a girls size 14. She is wearing the size L tutu in the picture below. 

Elephant ears & tutu costume set.

8. Anna & Elsa - Sister Costumes

Perfect for a sister, cousin, or bestie duo, or even mom and me! Our Anna and Elsa sparkle tutus make the perfect starting piece for your sister squad Halloween costumes this year. We even have the capes and masks! All you need to do is add the smile! These are available in toddler/girl, adult, and plus sizes.

Two little girls holding hands and wearing princess superhero costumes with capes.

9. Frog Costume

A green tutu, a bow tie, and a big eyes headband make the perfect starting pieces for your DIY frog costume this year. Our green frog costume kit includes both pieces and comes in toddler/kid, adult, plus and extra plus sizes. We paired it with a white tank top and black leggings. This is another one that might be cute with a hoodie, but in green this time, especially if you live somewhere where Halloween has cooler weather. We also added some cute green cheeks to Ava using face paint we found for $1 at Target.

White tank top, green tutu, frog eye headband and accessories.

10. Alligator Costume

And here is our other favorite green costume, the alligator. For Sydney's look we just paired a white tank and black leggings with a size L alligator tutu costume kit. A couple of cute green cheeks using our $1 Target face paint, and she is set. Available in toddler/girl size too! Wouldn't this be fun for your little Florida Gators fan?

Big kid girl wearing green tutu and alligator headband costume.

11. Pig Costume

The Three Little Pigs, Piglet, Peppa... the possibilities are endless with this favorite! Our tutu pig costume kit includes pig ears, a pig tail (wind it around a pencil to curl), and a tutu in your choice of sizes including toddler/kid, adult, plus, and extra plus sizes. Our little pig model even wore this outfit to the county fair. How perfect is that?

Little blonde girl posing & wearing bright pink tutu & ears set. Two little girls holding hands wearing cow & pig themed tutu sets.

12. Cow Costume

 And if your little pig needs a barnyard friend, how about this adorable cow costume? Just add a black tank, t-shirt, or sweatshirt, and moooooo. We can do the rest with our cow costume kit. All you have to do is pick your size. Set includes a cow print tutu in your choice of size, a cow ear headband, and a cow tail. Available in kid/toddler, adult, and plus sizes.


13. Super Hero

Always a fan favorite, dress her as her favorite super hero and she will be ready to take on the world. But make sure you do it with sparkles and glitter! Our sparkle running skirts make the perfect super hero accessory. Pair with a cape and mask set from Sydney So Sweet's cape collection, and you have a 5 minute costume. Both the skirts and the cape/mask sets come in toddler/kid, adult, and plus sizes so there is sure to be a fit for everyone in your family. (Just skip the skirt to include little boys and dads in the fun too!)


14. Disney Princess

A costume guide would not be complete without a few DIY ideas for your favorite Disney princess costumes. There are so many cheap looking princess dressing on the market. Skip right past those and try one of these deluxe princess tutu skirts instead. Sydney So Sweet's deluxe princess skirts are made from layers of tulle, satin, and sequin fabrics, and they are finished with a huge satin bow which can be worn in the front or back. Just add some solid color tops and leggings (we found these at Target, of course), and maybe some glittery makeup, and your princess will stand out from the crowd. These come in adult and plus sizes too, so it is the perfect chance for an adorable mommy and me combination.

School age girl with red wig wearing aqua green tutu.  Little girl posing and wearing red, yellow & blue tutu with red headband.

15. Black Cat

Every little girl loves kitty cats! And this Halloween it will be easier than ever to put together your own outfit, even for a mom and me black cat duo! Our black cat costume set includes a black tutu in your choice of size (toddler/kid, adult, plus, or extra plus size), a plush cat headband, and a white tipped cat tail that can be attached with a simple safety pin. After that it's up to you! Pair with black leggings and a t-shirt (sparkly if you want). Add some eyeliner whiskers and a little black nose, and grab your trick or treat bag. This costume is purrrr-fect!

16. Lion 

Maybe she wants to go bigger than just a regular cat. How about the queen of all cats! We painted Ava's face using glitter gold blush, and black and white face paint from Target. Add a white tank or tee, and Sydney So Sweet's lion costume set, and this lion is ready to roar! This one can be done in gold or brown. And for you mama lions, we have adult plus, and extra plus sizes too!

Brown tutu, ears and tail lion costume set. Smiling girl wearing lion face paint and headband. Little girl dressed in lion costume with lion face paint

17. Ringmaster

And finally, the costume fit to tame all of the beasts above - our Circus Ringmaster! We found a cute red tank top and some glitter face paint at Target, and matched it with our Ringmaster tutu costume set for this look. You just choose red or black and your size (toddler/kid, adult, plus, or extra plus size). Set includes the tutu and headband hat. Add a gold hula hoop from Target ($5.99) and she will be ready for the the greatest show in this amazing costume!

School age girl wearing small circus hat and red & black makeup. 

Maybe you have your own idea, and you are just looking for a tutu skirt to get your project started? Sydney So Sweet has the largest selection of toddler, kid, teen, adult, and plus size tutu skirts on the market. We offer basic ballet tutus for kids and adults, deluxe tutus, princess tutus, pixie tutus, and more. Look no further. With low prices and free shipping, this is the place to start your easy, no sew, DIY costume! 

3 moms & 3 little girls outdoors wearing various colors of tutus.

So what are you waiting for? Sydney So Sweet has everything you need for the cutest, and easiest no sew, DIY costume for both you and your daughter this year. We also have complete costumes if you aren't feeling like any DIY at all! Shop complete costumes here.

And just for reading our blog, we want to give you a new coupon, and a chance to win a $25 gift card to our store.

  • The coupon is SPOOKY15 to save 15% off your next purchase from Sydney So Sweet. This coupon is good for one time use per customer, and cannot be applied to prior purchases. Coupon expires October 31st at midnight EDT.
  • To win the $25 Gift Card, just leave a comment below telling us what your little one is going to be for Halloween this year, and whether you are making it or buying it! Winner will be chosen at random from everyone who enters. Check back here to see if you are the winner after November 1, 2019. 

11 Responses

Lauren DeForest
Lauren DeForest

October 30, 2019

Maci is going as JoJo Siwa! She can’t wait to put on her bright colored outfit, over the top bow, high top shoes, and carry around her microphone. I’m going to give her a JoJo concert makeover!


October 29, 2019

My 3 year old daughter is going to be a ghost and I bought it and my one year old son is gonna be an vampire , and I bought it also.

Lisa Goldsmith
Lisa Goldsmith

October 25, 2019

My 4 year old daughter is going to be a skeleton that I bought from Sydney so Sweet, of course. 😄. Thanks for the coupon and the opportunity to win a gift card.

Michelle Thompson
Michelle Thompson

October 17, 2019

My 4 year old Is going to be jasmine (buying her costume), my 2 year old will be abu (making her costume) and I’m going to be rajah (buying me some tiger footed pajamas


October 16, 2019

My 4 yr old is going as a witch and my 1.5yr old is going to be Simba. I bought their costumes this year

Megan Kellogg-Gwinn
Megan Kellogg-Gwinn

October 15, 2019

My 5 year old girl is going to be a racecar driver. She is going to drive her pink hot wheels car while wearing her pink racecar driver tutu dress. She came up with this idea all on her own too. 😊


October 14, 2019

My 4 yr old is gonna be the unicorn and my 2 yr old is going to be the viking which we got from you guys! And my 7 yr old is gonna be a hunter which we are putting together from stuff we have.

Valerie Riddell
Valerie Riddell

October 14, 2019

My almost 3 year old (October 17th) is going to be Princess Belle and my 1.5 year old is going to be The Beast! Definitely not crafty enough to make them so I bought them 🤷🏻‍♀️

Paige K.
Paige K.

October 12, 2019

The costumes will be bought/created from items we already have. One will be Anne Wheeler and one the Ring Master, both from the Greatest Showman. The Ring Master will be wearing a black tutu from your shop!

Jaclyn Williams
Jaclyn Williams

October 12, 2019

My 5 1/2 year old finally decided on Wonder Woman. I wanted to tackle a DIY costume this year but we couldn’t find any good inspiration. Your ideas were all great!!

Courtney Heater
Courtney Heater

October 12, 2019

A witch for my 4 year old and my 6 year old is going to be a vampire 🧛‍♀️ 😍

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