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6 Reasons to Still Dress Up, Even at Home School

July 23, 2020 3 min read

6 Reasons to Still Dress Up, Even at Home School

6 Reasons to Still Dress Up, Even at Home School

It’s time to shop for cute back-to-school outfits! Things might be a bit different this year, but your child still needs to refresh his or her wardrobe with new pieces for school. Learning remotely doesn’t have to be any different than learning in the classroom. Read on as Sydney So Sweet explains the best reason to dress up in home school clothes.

Dressing Up Is Fun

What’s more fun than wearing cute back-to-school outfits? You remember your school days. During the first month or so, especially, there’s nothing better than debuting a new outfit. That applies to home school students, too. You don’t want to deprive your kids of the back-to-school experience just because they’re doing their learning at home right now. Not only should you take them back-to-school shopping—and virtual online shopping counts—but when their clothes arrive, encourage them to stage a fashion show so that they can show off their new tee shirts, skirts, and jeans.

Getting Dressed Provides Structure

Ask the experts. They all say that it’s better for children and adults to get dressed every day. It’s true for remote professionals who work from home, and it’s true for kids who are engaging in remote learning, too. As tempting as it is to spend the day in pajamas, doing so can decrease productivity because pajamas are so comfy and cozy that they can encourage you to be lazy. Getting up each morning and getting dressed in a new homeschool outfit, such as a suspender skirt or shorts outfit, will help provide structure for your child. Structure is key in any learning environment, ensuring that your little one will benefit.

Keeping with the Routine

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In a similar vein, cute back-to-school outfits can help your kiddo to maintain a daily routine. During a regular school year, your child wakes up, eats breakfast, perhaps has a shower, and puts on a fresh outfit, then heads off to school. There’s no reason he or she shouldn’t follow the same routine for remote learning. Routine is everything to a child, especially a child in primary school. Maintaining a regular routine will make things run more smoothly for both of you.

Remembering That It’s a School Day

When you’re stuck at home for days on end, it’s easy to forget about your responsibilities. Adults who work from home or stay at home can tell you the same thing. That’s another reason why everyone should avoid wearing pajamas all day. For kids, especially, it’s essential to remember that it’s a school day just like any other, in spite of the fact that they’re sitting at a desk or a table in their own home. Encouraging your child to put on homeschool clothes each morning is a fantastic way to remind him or her that learning is his or her responsibility for the day. That’s the best way to keep your kiddo on track and eager to learn something new.

Making a Zoom Splash

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Remote learning has come a long way recently. To ensure that kids are still able to see their classmates and engage with each other, Zoom meetings and other video platforms save the day. With that technology, your little one can sit in on lessons and participate with his or her peers. That’s a crucial part of the learning process. It also makes it easier for your child to understand that he or she is still attending school and learning lessons. As it happens, it’s another reason to shop for cute back-to-school outfits, as well. Your kiddo doesn’t want to wear just any old thing while participating with the rest of the class.

School Clothes are Multi-Purpose

Home school clothes are an excellent investment, too. After all, they’re multi-purpose. In addition to wearing a new dress for school, your child can wear her dress to church, to a social distance event with family, or on a trip to the park. You don’t want your child’s school clothes to become play clothes, but they can still do double-duty.

You and your kiddo can shop for cute back-to-school-outfits at Sydney So Sweet. A virtual shopping spree still counts as a spree!

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