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Top 50 Parenting Blogs for Thriving In and Surviving Motherhood

Top 50 Parenting Blogs for Thriving In and Surviving Motherhood

If you are looking for practical, insightful, and inspiration parenting blogs, you've come to the right place. Here are the 50 best parenting blogs online. Whether you are a new mom, or a veteran mom of many, these blogs give you the tools, tips, and techniques you need to tame your troops, conquer the chaos, and get everyone to eat their veggies. 

1. scarymommy's profile picture  Scary Mommy - Scary Mommy massive vibrant community of millions of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. With over a million followers on Instagram, we love this blog because they tell it like it is, good, bad or otherwise.

2. cupofjo's profile picture A Cup of Jo -  Started as a weekend hobby, Joanna Goddard's blog covers more than just motherhood. We love the variety of topics including travel, style, food, and relationships. This blog is the perfect balance for mom's looking to live a balanced life. We also just love her Insta feed!

3.  Motherly - Founded by a journalist and an entrepreneur who have 5 young kids between them, Motherly was born to send expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration to women exactly when they need it. It is an uplifting online community full of expert tricks-of-the-trade and inspiring stories and guides. We love this blog because it just may be the most comprehensive one we've ever seen! And their advice and stories are packed into bite size pieces on Instagram - even better for busy moms!

4. Lucie's List Lucie's List - Meg Collins created this blog as the kind of site she would have found useful as a clueless, new mom. We just love how she calls it a "Survival Guide," because let's face it... surviving is about all we can do sometimes as new (and veteran) moms! One of our favorite features of this blog is the Gear Guide. It's a one stop place to get all the info you need from everything from strollers to baby shoes, and everything in between.

5. cool mom pics logo Cool Mom Picks - The name says it all. What started as a grassroots labor of love from publishers Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner in 2006 has grown into one of the hottest gear, style, and design sites on the web for parents. What do we love most about this blog? While the Cool Mom team will crush on all kinds of things that are cool and helpful to parents, they are also are big advocates of indie design, boutique brands, and entrepreneurs. Especially from mom and women-run companies. Hey ladies at Cool Mom Picks... have you checked out Sydney So Sweet?

6.  Greater Good Magazine - This site helps moms (and everyone else) use live a happier life through stories, tips, tips and tools based on scientific research. They call it "the science of a meaningful life." Not only do they explain the science, they teach practical ways to help people apply it in their real lives.

7. savvysassymoms's profile picture Savvy Sassy Moms - This blog is where Jenna and Lisa, the blogs authors, "share everything fun, fashionable, and fabulous for families." We need this in our lives! Their site has beautiful photography, and we just love the variety of articles. And... they have giveaways and a shopable Instagram.

8.  Mom and More - This blog focuses on product reviews, giveaways, recipes, saving money, and of course being a mom. The author, Cher, has been blogging for over 10 years. We just love this blog because it is always jam packed with brand new posts on every topic.

9. rookiemoms's profile picture Rookie Moms - The beautiful photography and overall aesthetic first caught our eye over on Rookie Mom's Instagram. But this site it more than just pretty pictures. This blog is packed with parenting advice and product tips as well. We love this blog because they focus on pregnancy, babies, and toddlers. We are all rookie moms at the beginning, and this blog helps pave the way into parenthood.

10. babyboybakery's profile picture  Baby Boy Bakery - The author, Jacqui Saldana, describes her blog as "an uplifting space filled with kid-friendly recipes, personal stories and all things motherhood," and we couldn't agree more. We particularly like Jacqui's travel tips. She writes her articles from her personal experiences and includes pictures of her beautiful family. We love following along on all of her family adventures.

11. redefiningmom's profile picture Redefining MomMonica Froese makes it her goal to teach busy moms how to build their own online businesses while balancing work and family at the same time. We agree with her that women don't have to choose when it comes to having a career and a family. Her blog is practical and so informative.

12. nestingstory's profile picture Nesting Story - You have to check out Joanna Venditti's blog, especially if you have or know anyone with twins. And the best part? ... Our neighbor to the north has one of the best mom YouTube channels you will find. 

13. Love Taza Love Taza - Naomi Davis (Taza) is a NYC mom of 5 with a blog that celebrates family, motherhood & life. As small town girls ourselves, we love following along with her as she tells of her big city adventures and raising 5 kids in the Big Apple! What we love most about this blogger is her social media variety. She posts great videos on YouTube and has amassed almost a half million followers on Instagram

 14.eightymphmom's profile picture Eighty MPH Mom -  Jennifer started Eighty MPH Mom in 2008 as a hobby. The team is made up of six women who all have kids aged 1- 26. We love that they provide great advice on multiple different stages of motherhood. Eighty MPH Mom shares giveaways, inspiring stories, and lets her audience connect with each other via their Facebook page.

 15. sheknows's profile picture She Knows - Is a progressive, inclusive space for women to find the practical information they need and the daily inspiration they want to live full, authentic lives... on their own terms. She Knows aims to encourage women to be who they are and to celebrate their diverse voices, bodies and experiences. Follow along with them on their Instagram for inspirational and funny content. 

16. pregnantchicken's profile picture Pregnant Chicken - Amy started Pregnant Chicken in 2010 to help pregnant women and new parents navigate the newborn trenches and guiding them with humor and honesty. The team tries to keep pregnancy sunny side up. 

17.  Rockin Mama - Caryn started Rockin' Mama to document her son's first year of life. She is a baby-wearing, breastfeeding mama, a NICU nurse by day, and a blogger by night. We love this blog because Caryn shares personal stories like raising her kids with confidence, DIY craft ideas, and documents her families travel experiences.

18. All Pro Dad All Pro Dad - The number 1 go-to blog for fathers and husbands. Their mission is to bring intentional focus to fathers around the world. Their message will inspire fathers to be who they are, give them tenderness of heart, and boldness of character as a dad and husband. They provide guidance and tips to raising children. 

19. sociallyacquainted's profile picture Socially Acquainted - Roketa is the content creator behind Socially Acquainted. She created this blog in 2017 as a way to jot down her families lives. She now uses her blog to bring a positive light to being a single mom of color and shares the struggles of raising pre-teens and teens. 

20. love that max blog Love That Max - This blog has been going strong for over 10 years and features stories and articles about kids with disabilities "who kick butt."  What we love most about this blog is the variety. The blog frequently features guest posters that bring all new perspectives on parenting kids with disabilities.

21. The Experimental Mommy The Experimental Mommy - Full time lab tech and mom of 2 girls, Bridgette Duplantis describes herself as a "full blown science geek." Her blog began as a scientific mission to discover items to make working mom life easier. Fast forward to 10+ years later, her blog now offers the best tips, trends, and tutorials for modern families. 

22. fashionablewife's profile picture The Fashionable Housewife - Sarah-Jean Ballard's blog, The Fashionable Housewife, is one of the most comprehensive blogs we've ever seen for women. The blog page itself is gorgeous with stunning pictures and great organization, but it's more than just a pretty site. This blog is your one stop for everything from fashion and cooking, to marriage and parenting. 

23.  Dear Crissy - Started as a simple digital diary, Dear Crissy has become a popular online food and lifestyle magazine focusing on simple and delicious family recipes, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, and everyday wellness for every woman. And we love her because she is from Ohio (like us!)

24. designmom's profile picture Design Mom - Going strong since 2006, this popular lifestyle blog is run by Gabrielle Blair, mom of 6.  This blog is full of fresh ideas, various points of view, current events, and tips and tricks to improve your home. Design mom is a truly inspirational site.

25. Mom Blog Society Mom Blog Society - This blog is aimed at both women and men with a goal to make life a little easier for everyone. Their goal is to provide unique solutions to everyday problems, and provide a high level of value to their readers. What we like most about this blog is the gift guide. It is the best and most complete gift guide on the web!

 26. mommychronicles's profile picture The Mommyhood Chronicles - Melissa Pezza writes one of our favorite blogs, the Mommyhood Chronicles. What do we love most... she dedicates an entire section of the blog to humor. We all need this in our lives! She also features Disney articles, giveaways, and recipes. What's not to love? Check out this blog and it may become your favorite too.

27. verasweeney's profile picture Lady and the Blog - This blog, by Vera Sweeney, focuses on helping busy women stay on top of the latest style, culinary, and parenting trends. What we love most about this blog is the Personal Blog section where the posts are so heartfelt and so relatable (especially for me since my kids are similar ages!). 

28. Pretty Opinionated Pretty Opinionated - What we love most about this blog is the Entertainment section. Here she curates summer reading lists and posts articles on what to read next. She is also a pet lover and her pet focused articles are a must read.

29. homewithaneta's profile picture Home with Aneta - This Toronto based lifestyle blog covers motherhood, empowerment, and weight loss and author Aneta Alaei does it all with positivity and honesty. She is a mom to 4 kids. What we love most about Aneta is that not only does she share her successes (making life magical), but she also touches on her "epic failures." We should all talk about that!

 30. modernmom's profile picture  Modern Mom - This blog is a trusted resource and online community with practical tips, advice, videos and information on parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts and more. Headed up by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt, Modern Mom is full of original content from celebrated experts, authors, bloggers and real moms from all over the world. It’s a one-stop destination for smart, savvy and soulful women who want to be informed, entertained and inspired.

31. ourkidsmom's profile picture Our Kids Mom - Blog author Heather describes herself as a "stay at home mom, fitness enthusiast, travel and tech loving, diy/crafting, foodie, brand ambassador, social media enthusiast, and brand advocate/influencer." Wow... she is one busy lady! And the rich content on her site reflects her many talents.

32. momdoesreviews's profile picture Mom Does Reviews - Pam Maynard, author of Mom Does Reviews (the sweet stuff of life) writes blogs posts about anything and everything that makes our lives easier and happier, like parenting, fashion, food, crafts, movies, and more. We just love that! What we love most about her blog are her product reviews. Side note: she is a pet lover and runs a doggie day care. Where do you find the energy, Pam?

33. Clean<span class="main-color">Fashion</span> Cyber ParentOnline since 1997, Cyber Parent is one of the oldest, and ‘original’ sites on the web to cover the topics of parenting, family, relationships, health, home, and beyond! What we love about this blog is the section for Grandparents. This is a feature we haven't seen too often on other parenting sites. 

34. newly crunch profile Newly Crunchy - Brandy Nelson is the author of the mom blog Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3 where she talks about talk about her life. We couldn't agree with her more when she says that being a Mom is the most important job in the world, even if it does mean having odd, sticky substances flung at you, total sleep deprivation, and forgetting to thaw something out for dinner because you were too busy kissing boo-boo's and saving the day from Monsters in the Closet or perhaps the Zombie Apocolypse! She tells it like it is and that is what we love!

35. Home Working Mother - This is our go to blog when we need advice on keeping the work-life balance. Working Mother is full of tips and advice geared especially for working moms.

36. iMOM iMom - This site is full of great parenting tips, free printables, and family fun ideas. Their mission statement is to inspire you to love your family well. They say, " We want to give you help and hope so that you can enjoy the days to come... being a mom!"  Who couldn't love that?

37. balancinghome's profile picture Balancing Home - This blog by Megan Bray is all about inspiring ideas for beautiful living. This mom of four has plenty to share when it comes to home, parenting and organizing. And did we mention how adorable her family is?

38.  Frugal Finds During Naptime - This blog is not just another (overwhelming) couponing website. Megan Strickland's site is more personal and helps you save in manageable, bite-sized tips. We love her motto - "Saving you money and sanity, one penny at a time."

39. aboutamom's profile picture About a Mom - This Florida family and lifestyle blog is written by Angela Sellari. About a Mom is a website dedicated to motherhood. It is a resource for moms with family friendly recipes, ideas and inspiration for family fun, healthy living, travel, and Florida travel and attractions. About a Mom is also a place for Angela to share her personal journey parenting as both a single and adoptive parent. 

 40.  Stay at Home Mum - This ultimate guide for stay at home mums is packed full of recipes, parenting tips, money saving advice, fun & no BS! Check out their Insta feed for some fun and snappy posts too!

41. momspark's profile picture Mom Spark - Amy Bellgardt created Mom Spark as a way to connect with fellow moms, exchange tips and share stories. This well written blog now consists of three writers and has a wide range of articles for moms that include recipes, travel, social good initiatives, entertainment, crafts/diy, natural living, blogging advice, fashion, parenting, and decor... so pretty much everything!! 

42.  sleepingshouldbeeasy's profile picture Sleeping Should be Easy - Nina Garcia's blog, Sleeping Should be Easy, is an online resource for millions of parents just looking for practical answers and insightful motivation. Each time you read the blog, you’ll gain more tips and motivation on how to be a better parent. We just love that she hopes to inspire overwhelmed moms enjoy parenthood. (Sometimes we forget that!)

43. ruthschwenkofficial's profile picture The Better Mom - Ruth Schwenk's faith based blog, The Better Mom, was created to inspire moms all over the world to be better moms together! Her goal was to create a site to address the many topics and issues that we all face as moms. Word of warning... carve out some time for this one. The Better Mom will have you so inspired that you won't be able to stop reading! 

44. workingmommagic's profile picture Working Mom Magic - Lauren Berger of Working Mom Magic describes herself as a working mom doing my best to keep it all together with the help of some fancy illusions and sleight of hand. And we just love her blog section called Mom Magic! Her tips, tricks, and recommendations will help you too!

45. Finding Cooper's Voice Finding Cooper's Voice -  Finding Cooper's Voice is a safe, humorous, caring and honest place where you can celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a special needs child. Because you're never alone in the struggles you face. And once you find your people, your allies, your village....all the challenges and struggles will seem just a little bit easier. 

46. foreverfreckledblog's profile picture Forever Freckled - One of the most beautiful blog's we've seen, Forever Freckled was created by 3 sisters who wanted to create a platform where parents could come to get real medical advice for their children and pets and pick up some great lifestyle tips as well. 

47. callmelore's profile picture Call Me LoreLorena Garcia's blog, Call Me Lore, was created with the purpose to offer tips on all aspects of life, whether it’s family life, wellness, or beauty. On her blog you’ll find an array of topics that all come back to her foundation of bettering the lives of the busy mom, entrepreneur, and overall well-rounded woman. We just love how inspiring this blog is!

48.what moms love What Moms Love - Aly's blog, What Moms Love, is a parenting blog focusing on family, being a mom, and having kids. Her content provides helpful ideas, tips, and recommendations to make busy moms' lives easier.

49.swaddlesnbottles's profile picture Swaddles n' Bottles - Caroline created her blog, Swaddles n' Bottles in 2016 after she had her first daughter Emmy. Her goal is to provide new and and expectant mothers with information and resources to make their journey through motherhood as easy and beautiful as possible. We love that her blog is filled with authentic and personal content.

50.Real Mom Recs  Real Mom Recs - Caitlin's blog, Real Mom Recs is a parenting blog that shares incite about pregnancy, parenting, and Disney travel. We love reading about her pregnancy must haves and honest stories about traveling to Disney. 

Those are our top 50 picks for best parenting blogs to help you thrive in and survive motherhood! Do you have a favorite that we missed? Please share it in the comments below.



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